three small changes for big weight loss results


Did you know that I spent a year as a certified health and fitness coach? While I may no longer be certified by Curves or participate as a Beachbody coach, I have quite a bit of experience and knowledge in the health and fitness industry. At one time, I wanted to be and studied to become a dietitian! However, the job field for such a position is rather nonexistent where I live. So business and finance it became.

Plus, having a husband who does bodybuilding keeps me up to date as well!

Three small changes for big weight loss results:

1. Don’t skip breakfast.

A healthy breakfast is linked to so many incredible benefits! Benefits such as controlling weight, lowering cholesterol, and improving daily performance. Eating breakfast can help reduce hunger encouraging you to eat a smaller lunch and dinner. For extra protein, add an egg or two to your morning meal. This little boost of protein encourages lean muscle mass which is more metabolically active.

2. Write down what you eat.

Writing down what you have eaten throughout the day is a great way to hold yourself most accountable. Keeping a food log lets you be aware of what you are eating and when. Doing this can give you a great insight on your eating habits! Plus, knowing your cravings and hunger routines allows you to discover which changes will be best for you.

3. Ask yourself what you want more.

When you are craving something unhealthy, ask yourself this: What do I want more? That piece of cake or a body I feel comfortable in and proud of? Asking yourself this may help you realize that you truly do not need or want what you are craving.

An extra tip: If you are craving sweets, substitute candy or chocolate with an apple. Other amazing alternatives include: dark chocolate, Greek yogurt, baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon, and tea with a hint of honey for sweetness.

billetproof car show

Guys, we have so much to catch up on. Not blogging for a few weeks definitely put me really far behind! Which, really, is okay because it means that I have a lot of material ready to go.

This past weekend John and I went to the Billetproof car show for the first time! We went with his car club, Numskulls C. C. Since Lucille, our ’36 Chevrolet four-door Master Deluxe isn’t running yet, we drove Phyllis. This beauty, pictured below, is a ’52 Chevrolet two-door owned by one of John’s best friends and is so much fun to ride in!

car show

billetproof 2017

Friday afternoon the guys drove the old cars down to our motel taking the back roads. A couple of the cars don’t do well going highway speeds. Since I did not get off of work until late, I met up with everyone for dinner at Pete’s Pizza! The pizza was delicious and thinking back, we should have bought another for the ride home. After dinner we cruised for a bit down the main strip.

Saturday was the main day for the car show. A lot of our time was spent ogling the gorgeous cars that had shown up. Seeing so many gorgeous cars made John and I both even more ready to get our car up and running! Every car show surprises me because I never see a car the same year and style as ours… On occasion I will see a two-door version, but never the four-door.

In fact, once finished our car may look sort of similar to my first favorite car pictured below!


recently read

recently read

While I may not have been blogging often, I was still reading my little heart out. This year I had a small goal of only twenty-four books to read. Previously, I had made outrageous reading goals that I was unable to meet. Since then I have toned it down considerably. Plus, with schooling and working I have not had as much time as before. So, what have I been reading?

truly madly guilty.

This book took me longer than usual to read. Moriarty’s writing was wonderful and her characters were unique with a lot of depth, however the story line moved at an achingly slow pace. All I could think about was what possibly could have happened at the barbecue. Truthfully, I was a little unimpressed.

three stars.

all the missing girls.

Being written in nonlinear/reverse chronology had me a bit unsure. Especially since I felt that I would have enjoyed reading the book more had it been in chronological order. The anticipation and “buildup” was definitely there! Overall, the characters were interesting with real qualities and the mystery was intriguing.

three stars.

mr. mercedes.

Being nervous about reading my first Stephen King book made it difficult to choose which book of his to read first. Thankfully I was not disappointed! King uses a “no holding back” writing style that I found myself enjoying. There were some horrid bits that added to the story, but were not overwhelming. Each main character added wonderfully to the story line and helped keep you captivated until the very end.

four stars.

the nest.

With raw and real characters, I found this book to be an easy and fun read. Each main character had flaws and real issues that are seen in every day life making it a book that you can relate to. Days after I finished reading The Nest I was still thinking about its story.

three stars. 


I will not lie, this book still haunts me. Room was absolutely captivating, courageous, and heart-wrenching. Being written through the perspective of a five-year-old, there is an added innocence to what was happening throughout the book. Even though there were some parts that were very slow, the book did pick up speed as you read along.

four stars.

What have you been reading lately? 

where’d you go?

volkswagen bus

where’d you go?

Sometimes life tosses you in the fast lane and you get so incredibly caught up in that crazy whirlwind that all else is forgotten. This past couple of months positively flew by! So much has been happening that I am unsure where to begin. Life is wonderfully chaotic at this moment and I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

what’s happening?

  • Carson finally is riding his bicycle without training wheels.
  • John and I are preparing to put our home on the market.
  • Preparing for a much needed vacation to see family.
  • Learning important lessons about true friendship.
  • Remembering my passion for blogging after taking a break.
  • Watching Rosewood and The 100 and loving both shows.
  • Purchasing John’s dream car and being able to drive it.
  • Wearing and using essential oils while learning more about their properties.
  • Loving on our two sweet pups and wanting to add to our pup family.
  • Thinking about our best options for building a home.

what have you been up to?

wishes for the week

if wishes were horses

Weekends seem to fly by way too quickly! Between adventuring and getting together with friends we are exhausted. This weekend we went to the farmer’s market, an old timer’s fair, the park, and to a friend’s house to make moon sand. I was shocked at how easy it is to make! We will be making that craft again soon.

Come Monday morning, I joke that I need a weekend from my weekend. With my schedule changing so drastically, I am still trying to figure out how to get everything done. At this time my to do list gets taken care of on the weekend.

Since I love a good end to the weekend, it seems that Monday comes around right on time. Here are my wishes for the week.


Discover someplace new to go with the family!


Do something spur of the moment that everyone will enjoy.


Take time to read my book or drink a warm mug of tea.


Continue de-cluttering and preparing for the garage sale.


What are your wishes for the week?