reasons to love monday

reasons to love monday

No, I have not lost my mind. Although it may seem like it! Even when I was a stay at home mom, Monday had a negative connotation. As a working mom, I cannot figure out how Monday was still an “awful” day even though I was not working. Especially when most of the time, I had nothing pressing on my plate!

Often Monday signifies the beginning of the work week. There is a saying of “when you love your job, you will never work a day in your life”. Unfortunately, that is not true for everyone. Some of us are very lucky to have a job that we love though!

Currently, I treat myself to coffee and a blueberry or poppy-seed muffin on Monday mornings. This is the perfect pick-me-up for the beginning of the week! At least in my humble opinion, ha ha!

reasons to love monday:

  1. Treat Monday as a clean slate. If you read my first post, you will know that I love a clean slate. Monday is the perfect day to hit refresh!
  2. Monday is the perfect day to create and set new goals. When I write my goals out for the week or to-do list, it always starts with Monday. I like to use Sunday as a family rest day and get back to the grind on Monday.
  3. You have an entire week to accomplish what you need to get finished. There are five perfect working days to get things done as well as a weekend if necessary. Try not to stress about getting everything completed on Monday.
  4. Coffee is the most stimulating on a Monday morning. Or is this just me? After a busy weekend, I need that extra little pick me up.
  5. It is a great day to have a great day. Did you know that I often get the best news on Mondays? While you should tell yourself that it is a great day to have a great day everyday, it is a little extra special when that day is Monday.
  6. The idea of hating Monday is just an illusion. Monday accounts for 1/7th of our life! Let’s not waste it.

spring date ideas

spring date ideas

Birds are chirping and the sun is shining. For us, that means that it is time to get active and get outside. John and I both have a touch of cabin fever and are anticipating being able to get outside. Although, the number of hikes and places we want to visit this year is a little daunting. Fortunately we both absolutely love to hike. Also, on our list is spring date ideas that we can do when we are able to get away just the two of us.

spring date ideas:

  1. Go on a hike or a walk. Our list of hikes is a mile long but we both are so excited to explore new places and get outside. Hiking gives us both such a sense of accomplishment!
  2. Stargaze. There is something so peaceful about getting out where you can see the stars. However, remember to bring bug repellent and a warm blanket.
  3. Have a picnic. Eating delectable finger foods out in the sun is so refreshing! Treat yourselves to an adorable picnic at your local park.
  4. Shop at the local farmers market. You never know what you will find! Make a game out of it and see who can find the most interesting item to buy.
  5. Drive to a new town. Roll the windows down and turn the radio up while driving to a new place to discover.
  6. Volunteer together. Find a cause that you both are passionate about to spend a weekend volunteering for. This could be your local soup kitchen or animal shelter.
  7. Watch a sports event. While this may be more for your other half, at least go to one sports event! Even if it is just for the delicious chili cheese fries.
  8. Take a tour of a winery. Perhaps even discover a new wine that you love! However, if your other half doesn’t like wine you can always go beer tasting.
  9. Go kayaking. Or even paddle boarding. Whichever you prefer.
  10. Find a concert to attend. Our local park has music in the park once a week that we can attend. Consequently, parking is horrendous but it is still fun nonetheless.
  11. Watch a drive-in movie. Seeing a movie outside can be such a fun treat! Bring extra blankets and pillows and enjoy watching the movie with your popcorn in the comfort of your own car.

what are some spring date ideas you would add to this list?

essential oils for fever

essential oils for fever

Along with a career change and total blog upheaval, I have been turning to more natural home remedies. My favorite term so far is that I am becoming a crunchy mom. There are so many different definitions, but I am sharing my favorite below.

crunchy mom: a mom on a quest for more information who is environmentally, health, and socially conscious

Essential oils have taken over my life and I’m not mad about it. Just in the past month I’ve purchased almost twenty oils! Also, in just a couple of days I should be receiving more in the mail. If you are curious, DoTerra is my go to.

This past weekend Carson, our youngest, came down with a high fever. He had a slight headache but no other symptoms other than his forehead burning up and being overly warm. Because of this, I began researching which essential oils would work best for reducing his temperature.

essential oils for fever:

  1. Eucalyptus and Lavender. Eucalyptus oil, also known as “fever oil” is commonly used in treating fevers and reducing body temperature. It also is effective for treating a number of respiratory problems such as congestion and sore throats. Lavender oil has calming properties and works well with Eucalyptus. A great way to use this two oils is by adding one drop of Eucalyptus and three drops of Lavender to one cup of ice cold water. Take a wash cloth and dip it in the water to put over your child’s forehead.
  2. Peppermint. Known to relieve respiratory problems and reduce fever, peppermint oil clears congestion. Simply add two to three drops of the oil to a carrier oil and massage on your child’s chest. This works as a great substitute to Vick’s!
  3. Lemongrass. This essential oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce joint and muscle pains. Blend two drops with a carrier oil and massage on your child’s feet or temples.

You may also diffuse any of the above oils for similar effects.

* Please note: the information shared in this blog post is a compilation of suggestions made by those who use essential oils regularly. This information has not been medically tested or verified, so please do not treat it as such. *

good bedtime habits

good bedtime habits

With this clean slate, I have realized that I need to develop some good bedtime habits. (Along with good morning habits, but I will cover that post at a later time.) A majority of my mornings were spent with me frantically trying to get ready. I had to rush out of the house forgetting to pack a lunch or even properly get ready. Does this sound like you? My new job requires me to both act and look professional. After all, I am representing a well-established financial company. Meaning, I must have a good bedtime routine that allows me to have plenty of time in the morning to get ready.

good bedtime habits:

Brush and floss teeth. Dental hygiene is so incredibly important. Often, the first thing someone notices is your smile. Not to mention, working closely with customers means that I need to have fresh breath!

Remove makeup and wash face. Along with routine care is removing your makeup before bed. Washing your face at night prevents aging, blemishes, and promotes cellular renewal.

Turn off electronics. Scientists have proven that electronics suppress melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep cycle.

Pick out clothes for the next day. Doing this can save you so much time and hassle! Let me be honest for a minute, I am the worst at putting my clothes away. Washing? No problem! Switching the laundry over? Easy. Folding and putting away? Nope. The amount of time I have had to spend searching for clothes is outrageous.

Prepare your lunch. In addition to having clothes ready the night before, it also helps to have your lunch ready. Even if I am unable to prepare my entire lunch, I try to at least peel or cut up my fruits and vegetables.

Stretch. Feeling energized in the morning can be attributed to a good bedtime routine! Stretching can lower your stress levels, improve your quality of sleep, make you more flexible, and reduce soreness.

Write down what you are grateful for. Focusing on the positive is always important and can easily improve your mood.

Meditate. My favorite way to meditate is by sitting in the middle of my bed with my diffusing going. Usually I have lavender diffusing! Why meditate? Meditating reduces depression and stress, relieves headaches, boosts memory and heart health, and so much more!

Do you have any good bedtime habits that I may have missed?

spring bucket list

spring bucket list

After sharing some of the many reasons I love spring, I wanted to share my spring bucket list. Truthfully, I am torn between doing monthly goals and seasonal bucket lists. Do you have a preference? Or is there a reason that you choose one over the other? I would love to know! Perhaps it will help me make a final decision.

Every time I wander outside I am reminded how much I love the blooming flowers. Also, how tulips are one of my favorite flowers. I only remember them in the spring for some reason. Sunflowers are usually my main focus in the summer, which could be why. Anyway, back to tulips! All I want to do is fill my home with them!

spring bucket list:

  • Plant dozens of wildflower seeds in the garden with the kids.
  • Make and can strawberry jam.
  • Go on a hike as a family.
  • Discover an amazing and motivating morning yoga sequence.
  • Begin paying off our credit card debt and improve our credit scores.
  • Prepare for the garage sale that is coming up.
  • Host a fun minecraft-themed birthday party for Carson.
  • Read a minimum of five books.
  • Schedule at least two weeks of blog posts and begin thinking about summer posts.

what is on your spring bucket list?