The Following and A Series of Unfortunate Events. I am seriously obsessed with The Following already and it is only the first season. Also, I am loving the cast of A Series of Unfortunate Events. They hit the nail on the head!


Tons of Halsey, Alessia Cara, and Ruth B. Also throwing some Beatles and Fleetwood Mac into the mix.


Pretty Happy by Kate Hudson and Frostblood by Elly Blake. I am attempting Kate’s veggie detox broth today and so far it is not near as enjoyable as I had hoped.


All of the exploring that we have done lately! So far every weekend we have gone for a drive. It has been nice to get out of the house. Not to mention, I am also loving the stunning sunrises we have been having. The chill in the air hasn’t been too horrible either.


Layers and layers of clothing! I’ve been pretty bundled up lately.


Spring. I had my fingers crossed for a snowy winter, but it hasn’t happened. We still have time for it to snow, but the weather shows that it is warming up. We are also getting ready to work on the house more. Hopefully we will have it sold soon!


Meditation and patience. I am starting a new workout with my coworker and am hoping to get in shape by the spring!


Veggie broth. It is horribly bland and not at all filling.


Carbs. Ha ha!

happy friday


one | watching a series of unfortunate events on netflix.
two | amazing sunrises that take your breath away.
three | leaving work early to relax at home.
four | going for chilly walks that leave my toes and nose cold.
five | earl gray tea in the mornings.
six | cuddling at night with my husband.
seven | talking about the art of being cozy — hygge.
| dreaming of traveling this year.
nine | frost covering the ground and crunching under my feet.
ten | spending a little extra time reading.


This week seems to have flown by rather quickly, which is nice. The weekends are always exciting. Work was rather slow but I managed to keep myself busy. Not much thrilling happened this week other than me learning how to use my curling wand properly! For the first time ever, I curled my hair! I know that is silly, but it is sadly true. Now to decide if I truly want to cut my hair…

I am linking up with three amazing ladies — Charlotte, Krysten, and Lindsay — for Happy Friday.

monthly goals

This month I am hoping to keep my goals mostly simple. Perhaps even a little selfish. However, I won’t feel bad for doing so. I am focusing more on myself this year and learning to put myself first. Often I forget that I need to take care of myself before I can take care of others.

monthly goals

January Goals:

♥ Invest in new nail polish colors.
♥ Read three books.
♥ Participate in two random acts of kindness.
♥ Cut out junk food, soda, and sweets.
♥ Practice more mindfulness and yoga.
♥ Treat myself to a spa night.
♥ Buy myself flowers.

What are your goals for January?