friday five confessions


I almost feel like my first confession is that I have been SO touch and go with blogging. Each time I feel I have a grip on getting good posts scheduled, I get busy. Right now is the busiest I have been in a while! In fact, I have quite a few confessions to make. That means I won’t be struggling to come up with something.


01. This girl managed to have three interviews in two days with a local credit union. On Monday I received a phone call for a phone interview. About two hours later I received another call asking if I could come in and do an interview with HR the very next day. After my interview with HR, I was asked if I had time for another interview with the manager and lead branch teller. Of course I said yes! I feel really, really good about the interviews. Fingers crossed!

02. Carson had his first soccer practice on Wednesday! The practice was wonderfully chaotic but so adorable. Watching all twenty-five of the kids was too cute. Not to mention, it was a good laugh as well. Anyway, good news: he absolutely loved it! Plus, we managed to find an amazing deal on soccer cleats, shin guards, and a soccer ball for $30.00 at Big Five!

03. John and I have our first couples photo shoot this weekend! We have never had professional photos done of just us two so I really, really look forward to it. All I know is that the shoot is woodsy-themed. Now to figure out what the heck to wear. I have an adorable plaid blanket scarf, but I have no clue how to wear it without it completely engulfing me.

04. I am obsessed with floral prints! Seriously, floral print anything and I have to have it. I’ve seen so many gorgeous floral tops and dresses and I want to buy them all.

05. Lastly, I have gotten completely and utterly obsessed with essential oils. As in I have purchased over twenty essential oils in the past few weeks. I’m not joking. Right now we have DoTerra Breathe in the diffuser since we all are a little congested from the high pollen count. Also, we had the stomach flu go around the house and I used OnGuard in the diffuser and in a spray and did not get sick! My son had just a touch of the flu which is incredible. Normally Carson gets the worst out of all of us! I am hooked!

What have you been up to lately?

fabfitfun spring 2017

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subscription box

Before I even begin talking about what is inside of the box, just look at the box itself. Isn’t it amazing? I wish every package I received was as pretty as this one! Now if only I could figure out a good reason to not toss the box in the recycle.

Anyways! The FabFitFun box is a quarterly subscription box that costs $49.99 every three months. Each box is filled with over $100.00 worth of amazing items! Many of these items are full-size and unique.

subscription box

What goodies did I receive in the spring 2017 box?

  • Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin & Nail Vitamins | Promotional product
  • Gypsie Roundie | Retail value: $50.00
  • Milly Zip Pouch | Retail value: $45.00
  • Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish Set | Retail value $19.00
  • Emerald Duv Joshua Tree Cage Bracelet | Retail value: $80.00
  • Karuna Hydrating Face Mask Set | Retail value $28.00
  • Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative Leave-in Conditioning Spray | Retail value $20.00
  • Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator | Retail value $79.00
  • Realher Lip Kit | Retail value $48.00

Overall value: $369.00

My personal thoughts:

The value of this box is incredible! I received quite a few items that I love: gypsy round, conditioner, gummies, and lip kit. However, there are a few other products I am excited about. These include the nail polish and exfoliator. The others I am so-so about.

the ultimate spring cleaning checklist

Is it weird to admit that I absolutely love spring cleaning? There is something so refreshing about opening all of the windows after a shuttered-in winter. Personally, I like to get my spring cleaning done as soon as spring begins. Cleaning can be daunting, so try not to let yourself get overwhelmed. Making a list can help you keep track of what needs to be done and what has already been accomplished.

Below I am sharing my ultimate spring cleaning list.


The ultimate spring cleaning checklist:

Living room:

Since our living room is the focal point of our home, this is where I prefer to begin my cleaning. Also, the window in our living room is my favorite to have open since the sun shines directly through it into the room.

  1. Wash windows and window sills.
  2. Wipe down blinds.
  3. Dust light fixtures and fans.
  4. Vacuum chairs and sofas (spot clean if necessary).
  5. Launder blankets, curtains, and throw pillows.
  6. Clean lamps and lampshades.
  7. Dust tables and decor.
  8. Wipe down television screen.
  9. Dust electronics and tidy wires.
  10. Organize movie collection (be prepared to get rid of any movies you do not want).
  11. Sort books and magazines (toss or donate ones that you no longer need).
  12. Wash walls and trim.
  13. Wipe down doors, doorknobs, and light switches.
  14. Vacuum floors and vents.
  15. Shampoo carpets.


Next I like to move on to the kitchen because it is the second most visited room in our home. Not to mention, it sees a lot of action throughout the week — cooking, craft projects, and so much more. 

  1. Wash windows and window sills.
  2. Wipe down blinds.
  3. Dust light fixtures and fans.
  4. Clean and organize cupboards and drawers (donate or toss what you no longer use or need).
  5. Sharpen kitchen knives.
  6. Clean oven and stove top.
  7. Toss out all expired or old food from the refrigerator and freezer.
  8. Clean refrigerator and freezer.
  9. Wipe down microwave.
  10. Clean and organize the pantry (check expiration dates).
  11. Deep clean other appliances (blender, toaster, griddle, etc.)
  12. Disinfect counter tops.
  13. Deep clean sink.
  14. Run an empty load in the dishwasher with one cup of vinegar then scrub any spots inside and wipe down outside.
  15. Wash trim, walls, and light switches.
  16. Sweep and mop the floor.

Dining room:

Unfortunately our dining room is used more for storing random things than it is used for eating. However, this is something that I plan on changing! 

  1. Dust light fixtures and fans.
  2. Wash windows and window sills.
  3. Launder curtains.
  4. Wipe down and clear off table and chairs.
  5. Create a pretty table-scape (preferably using fresh flowers as a focal point).
  6. Dust decor.
  7. Wash sliding glass door and door track.
  8. Sweep and mop floor.


Next I like to deep clean the bathroom because it also gets a lot of traffic. Plus, bathrooms have a tendency to get so gross!

  1. Dust light fixtures and vacuum fans/vents.
  2. Empty all cabinets and drawers to sort through items (donate or toss what you no longer use or need) and wipe them down.
  3. Wash mirrors.
  4. Scrub the tub (including walls, faucet, and shower head).
  5. Clean and sanitize toilet inside and outside.
  6. Deep clean sink, drain, and faucets.
  7. Wipe down counter tops.
  8. Wash doors, knobs, walls, trim, and light switches.
  9. Launder rugs.
  10. Sweep and mop floor.
  11. Change shower curtain liner.
  12. Replace toothbrushes.


Last, but not least of course, is the bedrooms. Somehow I manage to spend a majority of my time cleaning in the rooms. This is probably because the clutter accumulates most there. 

  1. Wash windows and window sills.
  2. Wipe down blinds.
  3. Dust light fixtures and fans.
  4. Clean out and organize dressers and nightstands (donate or toss what you no longer use or need).
  5. Sort through clothes (donate or toss what you no longer use or need).
  6. Pack and put away winter clothes.
  7. Clean out from under the bed.
  8. Flip mattress.
  9. Launder bedding and curtains.
  10. Wash doors, knobs, walls, trim, and light switches.
  11. Vacuum.
  12. Shampoo carpet.

Have you started your spring cleaning yet?