a reintroduction


When life becomes a whirlwind, I have a tendency to take a step back from anything that can be put by the wayside. Often, this means blogging. The number of times that I have had to put blogging on hold is rather ridiculous. However, I always find my way back. Although, admittedly, it is by starting completely over. I’m not quite ready to scrap this blog though.

Perhaps I should start this post off with a reintroduction?

allow me to properly reintroduce myself

I am McKenzie.

Currently I am in the throes of rediscovering myself and finding my inner wild. Though unconventional to some, I believe I have found the beginning of my path. This path includes essential oils, herbs, nature, and what could be summed up as positive vibes. Recently I have taken a step back to evaluate my life and discover what truly makes my heart and soul happy.

Easily I was able to begin listing things:

  • Crystals, gems, and stones.
  • Herbs and flowers.
  • Hiking and discovering.
  • Meditation and yoga.
  • Nature; the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Are you sensing a theme?

I have found myself feeling disconnected, frayed, and overwhelmed — like a candle burning from both ends. Many times I have thought about starting a journey of self discovery. Unfortunately, just as many times I have found myself backing out. However, this time I am holding myself accountable and making it public.

Have you gone on a journey of self discovery? If so, I would love to hear all about it! 


  • i love this; i really do. i found that i also had a time of self-(re)discovery; one that was heavily tied into nature/holistic rituals and outside of material excess. i don’t know if it had anything to do with my age (probably), but when i was approaching 40, i started to shy away from material/synthetic things and look towards more natural ways of life and healing from medicine to skin products and makeup to all around general health. i think it’s why i’m so into DIY things and making my own products (chemical free) and rarely go to the doctor (i turn to eastern/alternative medicines). I find that I’m returning to the medicine of my people (ancient china from like thousands of years ago) – herbs, plants, acupuncture, cupping, gua-sha etc. I laugh at myself when i say that “the medicine of my people” but it’s true.

    • Truthfully there is something so incredibly alluring about getting closer with nature and turning to holistic alternatives and medicines. Not to mention, the results that come from using such elements is incredible. You think about the harmful chemicals that you put on and in your body on a daily basis and it is scary. Scary and downright awful. I’ve been learning a lot about essential oils and herbs and they are such an amazing tool to use in everyday life. Ironically, just on the news the other day they were talking about Eastern medicine and the importance of it. The speaker was a gal who did acupuncture as well as herbal remedies and tinctures. Her work and successes were amazing. Definitely makes me very, very curious about acupuncture.

      • acupuncture is AMAZING; i pretty much use it for all of my ailments, including facial acupuncture to shave time off my face!

        • I am definitely going to be looking more into it. How long do you have to sit still for? I fidget, a lot and am a little nervous about that ha ha!

  • I love this. Most of your list has an important place in my life!

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