always, sometimes, never

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Kiss John good morning, hello, goodbye, and goodnight.
Check my calendar to create a plan of attack for the day.
Tell the boys that I love them more than they possibly know.
Eat my weights worth in potato chips and feel awful after.
Have music blasting while I am driving.
Wish there were more time in the day to get things accomplished.
Arrive to work early by a minimum of five minutes.
Spend way too much time on Pinterest.
Forget to check or respond to text messages.
Move something slightly to make it line up properly.
Make my bed before I leave each morning.
Ask the dogs to be good and not bark while we are at work.
Stop and smell the roses when walking out or in the door.


Mentally have my money spent before I have earned it.
Stay up throughout the night planning or writing blog posts.
Decide to put on makeup then forget to wash it off at night.
Put my finger and thumb in the shape of an “L” to remember which way is which.
Speak without thinking first.
Take naps during the beginning, middle, or end of the day.
Eat an entire bowl or bag of popcorn with absolutely no regrets.
Daydream about getting a puppy or teacup pig.


Watch scary movies by myself even though I love scary movies.
Have the doors unlocked if I am home alone or just with the kids.
Go outside in the dark unless I absolutely have to.
Eat crab, lobster, or shrimp due to being allergic.
Put the toilet paper roll on the incorrect way or leave the toilet seat up.
Sleep without checking the doors and windows throughout the house.
Read just one more page in a book.
Say no to purchasing plants or rocks.

what do you always, sometimes, never?

  • I’m pretty bad with left and right too. I have a tendency to look for the ring or watch on my left hand quickly to remind myself which is left. Guilty :). And what on earth is a teacup pig?

    • Looking at your wedding ring is a great idea to remind yourself of left and right ha ha! A teacup pig is essential a pig that only grows to about 50 or 60 lbs. Sometimes they will only be 30 lbs full grown. Just a small breed of pig that is absolutely adorable!