april currently

april currently

Life has been such a wonderful ride lately. The amount of good news that has come my way is very mood boosting to say the least! Fingers are crossing that my luck continues this way. I figure as long as I keep the positive vibes going I should be good. Yeah?

In regards to my currently posts, I think I will change things up a little. Each month I will do one currently post to help urge me to continue coming up with new and interesting content for the blog.

Now, without further ado!

april currently:

loving | Our glimpses of sunny weather and the blossoming cherry trees. Every where we drive we wind up seeing the cherry blossoms in bloom. Although, due to the wind there are petals flying everywhere and covering almost everything. I’m not sad about it though.


anticipating | Hosting Carson’s birthday party! His party will be minecraft-themed per his request. Right now he is obsessed with that game and the decor ideas that I have found seem simple enough. Thankfully. The only part that I am nervous about is trying to fit everyone in our home. Praying for sunny weather so we can use the back yard.

drinking | As much Airborne and Emergen-C as is recommended. The sickness hit my office and I am hoping to come away in good health before I begin my new job.

reading | Room by Emma Donoghue. The writing is in the perspective of the five-year-old main character which makes it a little interesting to read. However, so far I have enjoyed the book. I will admit that it, so far, seems pretty heart-wrenching. Hopefully there is a happy ending!

thinking about | Friendships that take a lot to maintain. Do any of you have friendships like that? Some times I feel that it would be better to let those friendships dwindle out. Does that make me a bad person?

essential oil

loving | All of my essential oils! They have been the biggest staple in our household lately. With all of the flowers, trees, and such blooming and blossoming our allergies are going wild. Diffusing breathe has been such a life saver. My airways are immediately cleared up and my headache disappears.

enjoying | My last week at my current job. I will miss some of my coworkers and customers so much, but I know I will see them around. Plus, I already have a few get togethers planned with my soon-to-be old coworkers.

working on | Planning plenty of posts to schedule for the blog. I am looking forward to the direction I am hoping to take it in.

what are you currently up to?

  • friendships should not feel like ‘work’ and when it does, when it begins to make you feel bad (being around that person etc), it’s time to let go. there’s nothing wrong with that; sometimes people just take different paths in life.

    • I absolutely agree, Kathy! I’ve found that I have a hard time letting those relationships go even though I know that they are toxic and that I would be so much better off without them.