happy friday v.8

wooden ornament

happy friday

one // Adopting a puppy. We are so darn happy to announce that we are adding to our family! While I was volunteering at our local adopt-a-pet this past weekend, I met the sweetest little pit bull pup. Immediately I fell in love with him and knew I had to bring him home. Shockingly, my husband (eventually) agreed.

two // Winter break. Admittedly I am beyond excited about taking a two week break from college. With the end so close in sight, I am struggling to maintain motivation. I am just so ready to be finished!

three // Still working out. I’ll be honest, I am horrible at starting a habit. However, for two and a half weeks now I have been working out consistently. Not to mention, I have even been eating healthier!

four // Getting ready for Christmas parties. This time of the year is always so fun! Between family get togethers, friend parties, and work parties we have a full schedule.

five // Secret pal reveal at work. Our special events committee at the credit union runs a secret pal program. When I found out I signed up right away! My amazing secret pal, and friend, announced herself yesterday!

six // Preparing for the new year. There are so many things that I have in the works for next year. To say I am excited is an understatement.

What has made you happy this week?

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happy list v.7

happy list

a happy list

one // Volunteering for the Financial Reality Fair at the local middle school. Having the opportunity to work with so many kids (over sixty-five showed up!) and teach them about finances was amazing! Not to mention, I was surprised at how many of them took the financial reality fair seriously. Side note: middle school kids have A LOT of energy.

two // Hosting the end of our silent auction benefit. Today will be a twelve hour work day for me, but I am looking forward to it! Being the lead on such an amazing project has humbled me as well as made me see the good in people. Knowing that 100% of proceeds will be going to Crossroads Housing has my heart ready to burst with excitement!

three // The holiday spirit. Downtown is decked out with lights and Christmas decoration! Not to mention, I get to stare at an adorable Christmas tree all day at work. This time of the year is my favorite!

four // Only having two months left of college. Guys, this is a big one for me. Through the laughter, tears, stress, and joy I cannot wait to finally have my Bachelor’s degree.

five // Working out almost every single day this week. After feeling like absolute garbage for months, I am finally getting back into the swing of things. From not working out and eating like garbage I have been exhausted. So far I have worked out four days this week and did two separate workouts this morning!

six // Our pups. As our two pups get older I find myself appreciating the time I have with them more and more. We had a scare last year with our lab, Magnum, when he had a seizure during the holiday season.

What has made you happy this week?

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reading lately: november


It is almost the end of the year and I have completely surpassed my reading goal! Although, it was not much of a reading goal. Truthfully, I decided to attempt to read a measly two books a month. I was under the impression I would have a lot less time than I did.

lucky in love

by Kasie West

I found Lucky in Love to be a really fun and quick read. The main character was quirky, but fun! From the very first page I found myself captivated. The story line was easy to follow. Not to mention, it was very believable for the situations that arose. The way that Maddie, the main character, handled each situation felt right for the book and made sense. Of course, there were times that I wanted to share her for being naive and trusting. However, that is understandable for her age. Each supporting character played and important and key role which really added to the story. All in all, I enjoyed Lucky in Love and look forward to reading another book by Kasie West.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

the almost sisters

by Joshilyn Jackson

I feel the need to begin this review with this fact: I cannot wait to read another of Jackson’s books! Initially, I chose this book on whim. I loved the cover and the synopsis sounded intriguing. Having only been to the south once, I was mostly unaware of the issues still prevalent. However, I love how Jackson touched on those subjects and brought an important light to it. The entire story held my attention while the main and supporting character was unique with the right amount of backstory. The main character, Leia, was incredibly interesting! I loved reading about her work. Admittedly, I am not a graphic novel fan. Thankfully Jackson added the right amount of detail that I didn’t skim over any parts. Overall, I truly enjoyed this read and cannot wait to check out another book by this author!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

king’s cage

by Victoria Aveyard

First, Red Queen is still my favorite book in this series. Unfortunately, both the second book and this one did not measure up to it for me. There were many parts of King’s Cage that I loved! However, there were more parts that fell flat for me. My feelings were ping-ponging back and forth and up and down. Mare, as a main character, has a tendency to drive me batty. Between trying to be this strong female lead (which I love) to wallowing and acting like a child (which I do not love). Obviously she is in a pretty awful situation. I can understand her frustration and anger, but I was hoping for more spitfire. The majority of this book is centered around Mare being held in captivity by Maven. Which, understandably, is not what she would prefer. Although, this gave us so much more background and insight to Maven. I found myself rooting for him! Not to mention, I have a soft spot for Maven which only grew while reading. I keep finding myself harboring some hope for him and Mare’s ability to see past the monster his mother made him to be. Their twisted relationship really shines through in this book.

He is a monster still, a monster always. And yet I can’t stop myself from listening. Because I could be a monster too. If given the wrong chance. If someone broke me, like he is broken.

In the end, I know I will be reading the next book in the series. My fingers are crossed that it is better than the second and third book in this series.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

i see you

by Clare Mackintosh

Truthfully, I enjoyed reading I See You. More so, I really hope to read Clare Mackintosh’s first book I Let You Go. (After all, it has so many great reviews!) The main characters in I See You are interesting — each had a great back story and were very relatable. Each supporting character played a key role and greatly helped the plot move forward. The two different perspectives, Zoe’s and Kelly’s, helped me gain great insight. I was able to read about how the investigation was going as well as how the victim continued on with her life. Some parts could get a little slow, but the pace would quickly be picked back up. Admittedly, the twist at the end through me for a loop. I had an inkling about part of the “whodunnit” but definitely was unaware of the whole story!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

one of us is lying

by Karen McManus

One of Us Is Lying is brilliantly written! I found myself completely unable to put this book down. The author does a wonderful job keeping the reader captivated through the entire book. Each main character, while stereotypical, has so much more depth than I would have assumed. Plus, the supporting characters play key roles that easily add to the story. Karen McManus gives just enough background to give the reader a sense of who the characters are without overwhelming you. Admittedly, there were a few cliche parts. However, I found myself enjoying them rather than being annoyed. Which was a pleasant surprise! All in all, I cannot wait to read another book by this author.


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lake cushman

In regards to Washington state, many people believe that it rains every day of the year. Admittedly, they are not too far off. Or at least that is what it seems like on occasion! However, those days when the rain gives way to something else… there is no place like home.

John and I routinely discuss picking up and moving. Whether that is to another home in our city or to another state, it varies. First, we joke about moving to Kauai. Then, we weigh the pros and cons of moving to Virginia. Lastly, we decide that we will have to stick it out here a little bit longer. I know that it bothers him a tad bit more than it does me.

lake cushman

Usually when we decide that moving is not in the cards for us yet, we try remind each other why we love our home state — Washington. One of our favorite ways to do so is to go for a drive! There is something so exciting about adventure, even if you’ve gone before. In fact, going for a drive is our first pick every single time. (It is the whole reason we bought our SUV!) In the end, the list of reasons to stay is almost a mile long. But, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally dream of other places.

lake cushman

Our small town provides us easy routes to many gorgeous and scenic places. About half an hour away is the lake, and a half hour further the mountains.

Of course after the first real snow, my favorite time to drive to Lake Cushman is during the winter. I love the bite of the frost in the air and the stillness of our surroundings. Regardless, Lake Cushman is gorgeous any time of the year. Even though the gravel road seems never ending, especially on a snowy day.

lake cushman

It is views like this that quickly remind us why we love where we live.

november currently

april currently

In April I wrote that I would write a ‘Currently’ post once a month. However, as you can see, that did not happen. Fortunately, or unfortunately, November has been filled with an insane number of things needing done. This means blogging, once again, took the back burner. Without further ado, here is what we have been up to!

november currently

thankful for // Our new roof! Towards the beginning of the month our roof began to leak in the bathroom. Sadly, we were not at all surprised. Our roof is the original from when the house was built twenty-three years ago.

welcoming // A new baby to the family! My cousin and his sweet girlfriend had their son on the tenth of this month. Just last weekend I was finally able to cuddle and love on their perfect little boy.

loving // The upcoming holidays. This time of year is so cozy and inviting and being around family and friends makes it so much more wonderful! Also, I love decorating our home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

anticipating // An upcoming work fundraising event for a local charity. This month has been full of finalizing plans and getting together silent auction items.

drinking // Too much soda and not enough tea or water. Unfortunately, I stress eat and drink and crave crap foods.

reading // I See You by Clare Mackintosh. There is something so cozy about reading mysteries and thrillers this time of the year.

thinking about // What I am going to do when I graduate from college in February. November has brought many big “life” questions that I have been unable to answer so far.

enjoying // Getting together with family and friends. This month includes birthdays, Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, family events, and more!

working on // Scheduling posts and cleaning the house.

What are you currently up to?