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Once or twice a month I volunteer at our local Adopt-A-Pet. Last month, just before Christmas, I was put on puppy duty. (This essentially means cleaning the kennel and adoring the little pups. Giving them loves and hugs, etc.) Usually the puppy pen has small breed, fluffy, pups which are adorable but easy for me to not want to bring home. However, this last time, this little white and black streak of lightning came running out. One look at his adorable face made it very apparent that he had a little pit bull in him.

Every one who knows me knows that I am a sucker for any dog in the “bully” breed. Lets just say, he stole my heart right then and there. I knew that he would be the perfect fit to our family.

the convincing

Now, for over two years my husband has been saying absolutely no to getting a puppy. When I say no, I mean a hard no. An absolutely no way, no how no. This is not per lack of trying on my part either. After all, we already have two large dogs.

When I got home from volunteering, I practically put my husband’s clothes on him and drug him out the door. I was hoping that by him seeing the puppy, his heart would melt too. We got to Adopt-A-Pet and the other volunteers immediately brought the puppy out. After about an hour and a half of saying no, John finally reluctantly did not say no.

about atlas

Atlas was voluntarily released when he was just four weeks old. The gentleman who had him simply did not have the time to care for him. When Atlas got to Adopt-A-Pet he had not been socialized and was unsure how to act around dogs and people. Not to mention, no one was truly sure what breed he was or much about him. Watching him grow, our best guess at this point is American Bulldog and Pit Bull.

We were able to bring him home when he was eleven weeks old. There were over twenty-seven applications that were put in to adopt him! John and I were given the choice to rename him, and I felt that the name Atlas would be the perfect fit.



why we chose a pit bull


All my life, I have had a soft spot for animals. Growing up, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I would check out dozens of books on being a veterinarian, holistic and home remedies, care, and so much more. Anything to learn and further my knowledge of animals. Many of these books centered around cats, dogs, and horses. Unfortunately, once I got a little older, I realized that I had a very weak stomach. In fact, even the idea of blood has me ready to faint. Which, as you may know, is not the best quality for a veterinarian.

Furthermore, I quickly found myself loving and being drawn to certain breeds and types of animals — dogs, goats, horses, pigs… However for this post, before I get to caught up and off track, I want to talk about dogs. Namely, one of the first breeds that I fell in love with. The pit bull. When I began learning about and seeing the negative stigma around them, I was taken aback. The number of people that would say they are dangerous dogs or that would even cross the street to avoid them was insane.

Did you know that Cocker Spaniel is the most likely breed of dog to bite? My aunt, who has worked in insurance for over a dozen years, told me that fact. In fact, small breed dogs often have the most number of bites. Although, medical expenses from a small breed dog bite are often much less than those of a large breed dog bite. It is also said that pit bulls have a locking mechanism in their jaw which does not allow them to release their hold. That is untrue.

In regards to “dangerous” pit bulls, think about their history. Were they abused or neglected? Any dog that has been abused has the potential to bite.

In fact, our dog Bailey was abused. When we rescued her from the pound she was afraid of people. If you moved to quickly she would cower and shake. Honestly, it broke my heart and still to this day I get teary-eyed thinking about how she was treated.

why we love pit bulls

  1. The pit bull smile.
  2. Pit bulls give amazing cuddles.
  3. They are amazing with kids.
  4. The zoomies.
  5. Pit bulls are easy, and eager, to train.
  6. They are a gorgeous breed.
  7. Also, have you seen them?!

don’t bully my breed