ten things i would like to achieve

A while back Helene blogged about the ten things that she would like to achieve in her life. Her post inspired me to write my own! Writing out your dreams is an amazing way to hold yourself accountable. My hope is that one day I can look back, hopefully when I am old and wrinkly, and be happy with all that I have achieved.


Without further ado,

ten things I would like to achieve

Go barefoot and bra-less often.

I don’t know about you, but to me there is something incredibly freeing about digging your toes in the dirt. Every chance I get, I kick my shoes off. Also, I’ve traded my underwire bras in for bralettes and am loving it!

Backpack Europe.

John and I do a lot of traveling around the pacific northwest — exploring new trails, finding gorgeous waterfalls, and climbing up mountains. While I absolutely am enamored with where I live, there is something enchanting about Europe. To be able to visit Ireland, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, and all of the places in between would be a dream come true.

Completely decorate our home.

Through the years John and I have picked up a lot of hand-me-down treasures. While I love the gifts and love behind them, I also wouldn’t mind matching furniture. Also, our walls are rather bare. Slowly, but surely, we have been working on home improvements. This has included, so far: a gorgeous handmade wood dining table, painting the walls, laying down amazing laminate flooring, painting our front door a bright coral, and purchasing our first “real” furniture!

Minimize our life.

To put it simply, I have too much stuff. I would estimate that a good 80% of what I own I do not use, wear, or actually care about. At this point in time a majority of our stuff is in storage units. The oddest part? I have not missed one thing yet. My end goal is to completely go through all that we own and get rid of everything that does not make us happy or fulfilled.

Be debt free.

At this point in my life I feel like I am drowning in debt. Between mortgage, two car loans, student loans, and credit cards I am overwhelmed. Am I embarrassed to admit this? Well, yeah. However, if I want to truly hold myself accountable I cannot pretend that debt does not play a huge role in my life.

Make healthier choices and love my body.

Eating healthy and working out is pretty nonexistent right now. With so much going on, I have put myself on the back burner which is incredibly unfair to my body (and sanity). From firsthand experience, I know how great I feel when I have been eating right and working out. My skin clears up, my nails and hair don’t break or split, and I am mentally calm.

Read inspirational and motivational books.

When I began reading “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero I realized that I needed more books like that in my life. Of course I do not plan to give up my fiction books, but rather I plan to add more diversity to my reading.

Live self-sufficiently.

For a few years now I have been dreaming of planting a garden full of fruits and vegetables. To be able to eat food that we have planted and grown would be such an amazing feeling! Not to mention how much money we would save. After all, there are a lot of days where I have to feed four hungry boys.

Give back often.

I am blessed with an amazing family, a roof over my head, reliable transportation, and a pantry full of food. However, there are many families that are not. I hope to volunteer more as well as have my boys volunteer with me.

Inspire others.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live a life that inspires others? To give back and inadvertently cause others to give back as well? Living a life that is inspirational would be amazing.

Those are the ten things that I would like to achieve, what are yours? 

happy list v.4

happy list

a happy list

one // Having a successful six-month performance review at work. The best part, I may have been given really exciting news as well as amazing feedback. Not to mention, I was able to bring home my review paperwork so that I could focus on continuing to improve.

two // All of the babies. Lately my social media feeds have been filled with adorable newborns! Most excitingly, my cousin’s girlfriend is getting really close to her date. Of course I can’t have any more babies, but that won’t stop me from snuggling the ones close to me!

three // Starting the show Riverdale. Due to being a huge fan of the Archie comics, I knew I had to watch this show! Surprisingly, the other night John was sweet enough to let us watch the first episode. My favorite part, we both loved it! I found myself laughing through the entire first episode.

four // Our incredibly stormy weather. True to it’s nature, Washington has been getting quite a bit rain lately and I am loving it. The weatherman announced that two storms would pass through. Which I was pretty excited about!

five // Hocus Pocus on television. Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons. One of them being that I am able to watch Hocus Pocus as much as I want without getting weird looks!

six // Learning more about the new moon and setting good intentions. One of my favorite posts to write this year would, hands down, be my new moon intentions post.

what has made you happy this week?

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always, sometimes, never

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Kiss John good morning, hello, goodbye, and goodnight.
Check my calendar to create a plan of attack for the day.
Tell the boys that I love them more than they possibly know.
Eat my weights worth in potato chips and feel awful after.
Have music blasting while I am driving.
Wish there were more time in the day to get things accomplished.
Arrive to work early by a minimum of five minutes.
Spend way too much time on Pinterest.
Forget to check or respond to text messages.
Move something slightly to make it line up properly.
Make my bed before I leave each morning.
Ask the dogs to be good and not bark while we are at work.
Stop and smell the roses when walking out or in the door.


Mentally have my money spent before I have earned it.
Stay up throughout the night planning or writing blog posts.
Decide to put on makeup then forget to wash it off at night.
Put my finger and thumb in the shape of an “L” to remember which way is which.
Speak without thinking first.
Take naps during the beginning, middle, or end of the day.
Eat an entire bowl or bag of popcorn with absolutely no regrets.
Daydream about getting a puppy or teacup pig.


Watch scary movies by myself even though I love scary movies.
Have the doors unlocked if I am home alone or just with the kids.
Go outside in the dark unless I absolutely have to.
Eat crab, lobster, or shrimp due to being allergic.
Put the toilet paper roll on the incorrect way or leave the toilet seat up.
Sleep without checking the doors and windows throughout the house.
Read just one more page in a book.
Say no to purchasing plants or rocks.

what do you always, sometimes, never?

happy list v.3


a happy list

one // Meeting up with a wonderful friend for coffee. Being able to chat about essential oils, life, and our boys was a major bonus! I love that our boys are best friends and share our love for essential oils as well. Knowing that they both bring oils to school to share with each other warms my heart.

two // Planning out my month. There is something so fulfilling making plans and jotting them down. Although my calendar is rather full, I love adding to it. Well, as long as it is for fun things like birthday parties, hanging out with friends, and pumpkin patches.

three // Indulging in coffee every single day this week. So what if I have been trying to cut back.
Life is short, drink the coffee.

four // Lighting fall scented candles. There is something so comforting about a home that smells like fall. From pumpkin spice to cinnamon apple pie, I am absolutely loving it. Give me all of the candles!

five // Taking a mental health day. Thursday I was given the green light from my manager to take the day off. Mostly it was spent finishing up things around the house, working on homework, and taking my husband to his doctor’s appointment. However, it was much needed.

six // Getting back into the groove of blogging. This is a hobby that I just can’t seem to let go.

what has made you happy this week?

outdoor rainy day activities

outdoor activities

As the weather turns cooler and the gray clouds roll in full with rain, we begin conjuring up fun rainy day activities. The boys toss ideas out while John and I jot them down. Admittedly, a majority of these wild ideas take place within the comfort of our home. However, there are quite a few that require braving the rain. Is it strange that these few are my favorite?

There is something so freeing about splashing in puddles and spinning around in the rain.

outdoor rainy day activities

1. Puddle jumping. 

By far one of my favorite suggestions, I could not write this one down quick enough. Donning raincoats and rubber boots, jumping in puddles is so freeing and fun! Warming up with hot cocoa back inside when done is just a bonus.

2. Rain painting.

Using heavy construction paper or canvas, sprinkle your blank slate with drops of food coloring or powdered paint. Once done, take the paper or canvas outside and watch the rain do its work.

3. Singing in the rain. 

Reminding me of the musical, Singing in the Rain, we began looking up fun rain songs to sing at the tops of our lungs.

4. Chalk drawings. 

Although ordinarily disappointing when the rain washes away your chalk drawings, it is a lot of fun using the rain to help you create with chalk. Plus, if your drive is sloped you can watch the chalk slowly trickle away.

5. Making mud pies. 

See who can “bake” the most impressive mud pie. From the tallest with the most “tiers” to the most nature-decorated, let your creativity flow!

6. Rain dancing.

Create your very own rain dancing ritual or even have a rain dance dance-off! See how many nature themed props you can use or if you can weave a story in your dance.

7. Worm hunting. 

Although, when initially suggested, I felt my skin crawl. Truthfully there is something about worms that just freak me out. However, they play such an important roll in gardens that you can’t help but want to return them back to their homes. Also, if you fish you can use them as bait.

8. Nature hiking.

Explore a trail in the rain and discover the differences — sounds, pooling of water, etc. See how the rain collects on leaves and in puddles.

9. You’ll float too. 

Inspired by Stephen King’s movie, It, the boys suggested making waterproof paper boats and racing them down the road. However, I deeply suggest staying away from the storm drains.


what are your favorite outdoor rainy day activities?