new years children’s interview

A few years ago, I saw a wonderfully fun post idea from Emmy. Around the first of the year she would ask her children a few questions! Then, she would share those answers in comparison to the previous years. While I cannot find Carson’s answers from the previous years, I thought it would be fun to join along again. After all, it is a rather cute idea!

happy new year



Name: Carson.
Age: Seven.


Breakfast: Bagel and cream cheese.
Dinner: Macaroni and cheese.
Dessert: Ice cream — strawberry. 
Drink: Strawberry milk. 
Fruit: Watermelon. 
Vegetable: Carrots.
Restaurant: McDonald’s. 
Place: Bowling alley. 
Show: Pokemon XYZ. 
Toy: Fidget cube. 
Board game: Monopoly. 
Video game: Minecraft. 
Book: Go Dogs Go! 


What is one wish you have for the new year? To get more Lego sets. 
Where is one place you want to go this year? To the park. 
What do you want to do differently this year? Stay at Brayden’s house more often. 
If I gave you $100, what would you spend it on? Video games. 
What was your favorite thing about last year? Going to the park. 
If you could have one thing, what would it be? A cell phone. 
What do you want to be when you grow up? Scientist. 
Who is your best friend; who are your friends? Skarlett. 
What is something your mom always says? Did you hear me?
What is something your dad always says? Yes to playing games. 



Name: Brayden.
Age: Ten.


Breakfast: French toast.
Dinner: Burgers.
Dessert: Ice cream — mint. 
Drink: Dr. Pepper.
Fruit: Apples.
Vegetable: Broccoli.
Restaurant: Olive Garden. 
Place: Wild Waves.
Show: Walking Dead.
Toy: Xbox.
Board game: Monopoly.
Video game: GTA.
Book: Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.


What is one wish you have for the new year? Ride dirt bikes more. 
Where is one place you want to go this year? Wild Waves. 
What do you want to do differently this year? Participate in more sports. 
If I gave you $100, what would you spend it on? Video games.
What was your favorite thing about last year? Christmas and spending time with family. 
If you could have one thing, what would it be? A million dollars. 
What do you want to be when you grow up? Math scientist.
Who is your best friend; who are your friends? Jordan. 
What is something your mom always says? Be nice to each other. 
What is something your dad always says? Dude. 

teaching kindness

teaching kindness

Recently, at work, my team and I were given an amazing opportunity. We were asked to come up with a project that would give back to our community. After many wonderful ideas were given, we began narrowing down our general goal. As the plan began to form, we chose to work with a local organization that provides both housing and supplies to families without a home. During the next couple of months we will be raising money for those families being helped by this organization.

the importance of teaching kindness

This opportunity led me to think about kindness and its importance as a whole. Without kindness, there would be no organizations providing for those in need. Nor would there be individuals willing to give and support those organizations. Not to mention, kindness allows us to pay it forward.

ways to teach kindness

  • Show empathy for others and set a good example.
  • Include your child when you give back; ask them how they want to.
  • Make caring about others a priority.
  • Have your child write thank you letters and notes.
  • Recognize when your child does something kind.
  • Volunteer together.
  • Teach respect for the earth and the importance of recycling.

What are other ways that you could teach your child kindness? 

outdoor rainy day activities

outdoor activities

As the weather turns cooler and the gray clouds roll in full with rain, we begin conjuring up fun rainy day activities. The boys toss ideas out while John and I jot them down. Admittedly, a majority of these wild ideas take place within the comfort of our home. However, there are quite a few that require braving the rain. Is it strange that these few are my favorite?

There is something so freeing about splashing in puddles and spinning around in the rain.

outdoor rainy day activities

1. Puddle jumping. 

By far one of my favorite suggestions, I could not write this one down quick enough. Donning raincoats and rubber boots, jumping in puddles is so freeing and fun! Warming up with hot cocoa back inside when done is just a bonus.

2. Rain painting.

Using heavy construction paper or canvas, sprinkle your blank slate with drops of food coloring or powdered paint. Once done, take the paper or canvas outside and watch the rain do its work.

3. Singing in the rain. 

Reminding me of the musical, Singing in the Rain, we began looking up fun rain songs to sing at the tops of our lungs.

4. Chalk drawings. 

Although ordinarily disappointing when the rain washes away your chalk drawings, it is a lot of fun using the rain to help you create with chalk. Plus, if your drive is sloped you can watch the chalk slowly trickle away.

5. Making mud pies. 

See who can “bake” the most impressive mud pie. From the tallest with the most “tiers” to the most nature-decorated, let your creativity flow!

6. Rain dancing.

Create your very own rain dancing ritual or even have a rain dance dance-off! See how many nature themed props you can use or if you can weave a story in your dance.

7. Worm hunting. 

Although, when initially suggested, I felt my skin crawl. Truthfully there is something about worms that just freak me out. However, they play such an important roll in gardens that you can’t help but want to return them back to their homes. Also, if you fish you can use them as bait.

8. Nature hiking.

Explore a trail in the rain and discover the differences — sounds, pooling of water, etc. See how the rain collects on leaves and in puddles.

9. You’ll float too. 

Inspired by Stephen King’s movie, It, the boys suggested making waterproof paper boats and racing them down the road. However, I deeply suggest staying away from the storm drains.


what are your favorite outdoor rainy day activities?

back to school

back to school

How is the summer already almost over? I feel like my son was just celebrating his last day of first grade! Yet here we are preparing for his first day of second grade. Scary how quickly time seems to fly by. As we wind down the summer, we begin gearing up for the school year. Admittedly, since my son is still pretty young there is not too much to prepare for. However, I did want to share some of the tips and tricks I have managed to learn so far.

Preparing for going back to school:

  1. Purchase school supplies early. Often times if you wait too long the supplies you need most are sold out.
  2. Introduce yourself to your child’s teacher. I cherish having such a good relationship with and knowing my son’s teacher. Being able to reach out to each other makes a world of difference.
  3. Begin shopping sales for school clothes. School clothes are expensive! Finding good sales really helps lessen the financial blow (especially when you have a growing child).
  4. Start a school routine early. Help your child get back into the swing of waking up early and going to bed on time. Work on perfecting your child’s morning and bedtime routine.
  5. Plan some last minute fun. Make time for one final outing as a family. Ideas include going to the zoo or aquarium, hiking, or perhaps a fun science experiment.
  6. Make a “lice away” spray. Unfortunately lice can be pretty common during the school year. A tip to help keep lice away is by making a “lice away” spray! Add ten drops of Malelucia (tea tree) oil to a small glass spray bottle to spray down your child’s backpack. Also, adding a drop of of Malelucia to your child’s shampoo helps as well.

What are some of your favorite back to school tips?

essential oils for fever

essential oils for fever

Along with a career change and total blog upheaval, I have been turning to more natural home remedies. My favorite term so far is that I am becoming a crunchy mom. There are so many different definitions, but I am sharing my favorite below.

crunchy mom: a mom on a quest for more information who is environmentally, health, and socially conscious

Essential oils have taken over my life and I’m not mad about it. Just in the past month I’ve purchased almost twenty oils! Also, in just a couple of days I should be receiving more in the mail. If you are curious, DoTerra is my go to.

This past weekend Carson, our youngest, came down with a high fever. He had a slight headache but no other symptoms other than his forehead burning up and being overly warm. Because of this, I began researching which essential oils would work best for reducing his temperature.

essential oils for fever:

  1. Eucalyptus and Lavender. Eucalyptus oil, also known as “fever oil” is commonly used in treating fevers and reducing body temperature. It also is effective for treating a number of respiratory problems such as congestion and sore throats. Lavender oil has calming properties and works well with Eucalyptus. A great way to use this two oils is by adding one drop of Eucalyptus and three drops of Lavender to one cup of ice cold water. Take a wash cloth and dip it in the water to put over your child’s forehead.
  2. Peppermint. Known to relieve respiratory problems and reduce fever, peppermint oil clears congestion. Simply add two to three drops of the oil to a carrier oil and massage on your child’s chest. This works as a great substitute to Vick’s!
  3. Lemongrass. This essential oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce joint and muscle pains. Blend two drops with a carrier oil and massage on your child’s feet or temples.

You may also diffuse any of the above oils for similar effects.

* Please note: the information shared in this blog post is a compilation of suggestions made by those who use essential oils regularly. This information has not been medically tested or verified, so please do not treat it as such. *