why we chose a pit bull


All my life, I have had a soft spot for animals. Growing up, I wanted to be a veterinarian. I would check out dozens of books on being a veterinarian, holistic and home remedies, care, and so much more. Anything to learn and further my knowledge of animals. Many of these books centered around cats, dogs, and horses. Unfortunately, once I got a little older, I realized that I had a very weak stomach. In fact, even the idea of blood has me ready to faint. Which, as you may know, is not the best quality for a veterinarian.

Furthermore, I quickly found myself loving and being drawn to certain breeds and types of animals — dogs, goats, horses, pigs… However for this post, before I get to caught up and off track, I want to talk about dogs. Namely, one of the first breeds that I fell in love with. The pit bull. When I began learning about and seeing the negative stigma around them, I was taken aback. The number of people that would say they are dangerous dogs or that would even cross the street to avoid them was insane.

Did you know that Cocker Spaniel is the most likely breed of dog to bite? My aunt, who has worked in insurance for over a dozen years, told me that fact. In fact, small breed dogs often have the most number of bites. Although, medical expenses from a small breed dog bite are often much less than those of a large breed dog bite. It is also said that pit bulls have a locking mechanism in their jaw which does not allow them to release their hold. That is untrue.

In regards to “dangerous” pit bulls, think about their history. Were they abused or neglected? Any dog that has been abused has the potential to bite.

In fact, our dog Bailey was abused. When we rescued her from the pound she was afraid of people. If you moved to quickly she would cower and shake. Honestly, it broke my heart and still to this day I get teary-eyed thinking about how she was treated.

why we love pit bulls

  1. The pit bull smile.
  2. Pit bulls give amazing cuddles.
  3. They are amazing with kids.
  4. The zoomies.
  5. Pit bulls are easy, and eager, to train.
  6. They are a gorgeous breed.
  7. Also, have you seen them?!

don’t bully my breed

  • Ashley Angle

    Very informative. Really liked this post. Bailey is such a cutie! Almost looks like she could have a little Boxer in her!
    Ashley @ A Cute Angle // acutelifestyle.BlogSpot.com

    • I am glad that you found this post informative! Advocating for “bully” breeds is something that I feel so strongly about ♥ Supposedly Bailey is a black mouth cur but she looks so pit sometimes!

  • Kimi Linnell

    Your dog is beautiful! My dog has a little bit of Staffordshire Terrier in him that gives him his “bully” look. I adopted him as well and he is very wary of strangers. When we go out in public I have to ask people not to pet him. People automatically think it’s because he’s a pit bull and is aggressive and/or has been abused. It’s a shame. I have no idea what his past was, but I do know that he is mostly heeler and heelers are naturally stranger wary and possessive. I think it’s worth mentioning that just because a dog is timid or aggressive does not necessarily mean that the dog was abused. One of my best friends raised a Great Dane puppy in all the right ways, but as he grew up he chose to hate men. I know for a fact that dog was never abused. And vice versa, I have a friend who adopted a pit bull off of a fight yard, this dog was covered in scars from years of mistreatment, yet absolutely loved everyone. I remember a stranger saying “it’s all how you raise them” and we laughed and told him the dog was raised on a fight yard. I love bully breeds, thanks for this informative post. I am all for dog education!

    • I absolutely loved reading your comment, Kimi! I always find it so incredibly amazing when pit bulls who were used as bait or for fighting have the biggest hearts and can be such incredible dogs. Our pup Bailey was abused when we rescued her and it took a while for her to feel comfortable. She still does not do the best with new people and is very protective of her family and her home. She has pit in her but I believe that she is a black mouth cur. We also just adopted an American Bull Dog/Pit puppy who keeps us all on our toes. Funnily enough, like you mentioned, our lab is that way — even though we raised him from a pup he does not do well with strangers at all. There have been times where I even get nervous when new people come around and I will make sure that he stays by me because he is so timid and leery.

      • Kimi Linnell

        Yes, dogs are incredible. 🙂 And they are individuals, just like us, regardless of their circumstances. Keep fighting the good fight!