happy list v.1

a happy list

one // Finishing our flooring. John and I pulled up all of the carpeting in the living room, hallway, and master bedroom! Along with thousands of carpet staples. Once all of that was done, we started laying snap-together laminate flooring. We are absolutely in love with how it turned out!

two // Bottle feeding and raising two sweet baby goats. A couple of Friday’s ago, my mom asked me to go out to the barn with her. Along the way, she mentioned two brand new baby goats had been rejected by their momma. Upon arrival we learned that momma goat was trying to kill the babies. Obviously I couldn’t just leave them there so I packed them up in a tub and put them in our Subaru and brought them home. Don’t worry, John warmed up to them pretty quickly and named them Ed and George!

three // Finally watching Lost. Don’t ask me why we haven’t watched this sooner because I have no idea why. Either way, John and I both are totally sucked into this show! There are so many crazy and wild twists and turns. My mouth drops every single episode.

four // Drinking delicious berry Kombucha. Admittedly, I found it very strange to be drinking fermented tea. However, it was absolutely delicious! The Kombucha was a little “vinegar-y” tasting, but I am definitely finding myself wanting more.

five // Going on adventures with friends. Lately we have been trying to go on some sort of an adventure each weekend. So far we have managed to go to a few different places as well as multiple playgrounds with the kids! It is so wonderful to have such amazing friends that are like family.

six // Having a secret pal at work. At my job we do a fun “secret pal” exchange for six months at a time. Receiving sweet and random gifts throughout the month is so fun! Not to mention, I love being able to surprise my secret pal as well.

What has made you happy lately?

  • awwwww bottle feeding two goats? that gave me all the feels for some reason. The cuteness.

    • We seriously had so much fun feeding them and watching them grow. Baby goats, and goats in general, are hilarious! They are so sweet and so darn cute.

  • I love LOST. I feel like watching it again.

    MFD wants goats when we move to a different house.

    • We really enjoy watching Lost! It just keeps getting wilder and wilder! Goats are so much fun — super obnoxious but hilarious!

  • Ok I am so jealous you have goats now! That is our goal! Beautifully Candid

    • Oh gosh they are so much fun and are hilarious to watch. They can be really sweet though! I hope you are able to get goats soon!

  • baby goats are the cutest!! i often watch a show called The Incredible Dr. Pol on TV (he’s a vet) and he sometimes has baby goats coming into his office and THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!

    • I don’t know what it is about baby goats but they are seriously so darn cute. Their silly antics make them even more adorable!