a reintroduction


When life becomes a whirlwind, I have a tendency to take a step back from anything that can be put by the wayside. Often, this means blogging. The number of times that I have had to put blogging on hold is rather ridiculous. However, I always find my way back. Although, admittedly, it is by starting completely over. I’m not quite ready to scrap this blog though.

Perhaps I should start this post off with a reintroduction?

allow me to properly reintroduce myself

I am McKenzie.

Currently I am in the throes of rediscovering myself and finding my inner wild. Though unconventional to some, I believe I have found the beginning of my path. This path includes essential oils, herbs, nature, and what could be summed up as positive vibes. Recently I have taken a step back to evaluate my life and discover what truly makes my heart and soul happy.

Easily I was able to begin listing things:

  • Crystals, gems, and stones.
  • Herbs and flowers.
  • Hiking and discovering.
  • Meditation and yoga.
  • Nature; the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Are you sensing a theme?

I have found myself feeling disconnected, frayed, and overwhelmed — like a candle burning from both ends. Many times I have thought about starting a journey of self discovery. Unfortunately, just as many times I have found myself backing out. However, this time I am holding myself accountable and making it public.

Have you gone on a journey of self discovery? If so, I would love to hear all about it! 


happy list v.2


a happy list

one // Completely crushing my reading goal for this year. With how busy I have been, reading has had to fall by the wayside. For that reason, I chose to have a goal of reading twenty-four books this year. I am currently reading book number 49! Check out my list of read books here.

two // Finishing painting and trim. Another huge project for us was painting a majority of our home and then painting all of our trim white. Thankfully we are finally done with this project!

three // Decorating our home for fall. The time of year is my absolute favorite. When John brought out our appropriately colored orange and black tub full of fall decor, both Carson and I were jumping for joy! Check out all of the reasons I am falling for fall here!

four // Coming up on my six month work anniversary. I cannot believe only six months ago I made the scary decision to completely change careers. So far I have not regretted it! Although, there have been days where I have found myself missing my old job and coworkers.

five // Tie dying t-shirts for the first time. We have a big work training coming up and we decided, as a team, to tie-dye t-shirts. Afterwards, we went to a local hot spot for a drink and to hang out which was much needed.

six // Signing up to volunteer. Not only have I began the process to volunteer at our local pet shelter, but I am also volunteering for a huge local event. This weekend I will be pouring wine at a wine tasting event. Also, hoping that I get to sample the wine too.

what has made you happy lately?

falling for fall


Not going to lie, fall is my absolute favorite season. From the crisp air to hearty stews, there is so much to love. Admittedly while growing up I always loved summer most. Mainly because it signaled a break from school. However, now summer is just a little less appealing between having to work and pay more in daycare. Then again, perhaps I love fall so much because my birthday month falls in this season.

twelve reasons to love fall

  1. Picking pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.
  2. Carving said pumpkins and roasting pumpkin seeds.
  3. Wearing cozy hats, scarves, socks, and sweaters.
  4. Snuggling up in large knit blankets.
  5. Drinking all of the warm coffees, hot chocolate, and teas.
  6. Cooking hearty dinners and stews.
  7. Baking all of the pies — apple, pumpkin, and more!
  8. Feeling the crisp chill in the air.
  9. Watching the leaves change color and fall.
  10. Lighting fall-scented candles.
  11. Perfect time for Harry Potter movie marathons.
  12. Celebrating my birthday.

the goat chronicles

baby goats

the tale of ed + george

A little over a month ago two sweet baby goats were born at the barn where my mom boards her horses. Unfortunately their mama was rejecting them. Because the owner of the barn was leaving on vacation, she needed someone to help with them. After I got home from work, my mom asked me if I would go out and help her. Of course I said yes! Have you seen baby goats?

baby goats

Once we got to the barn we were told that the mama was trying to kill the babies. Both my mom and her friend were trying to figure out what to do with them since neither of them could take them. Given that no one else could take the two, I offered to even though initially John told me no. While John was not happy, I couldn’t just leave them. We loaded them up in our car and swung by the store to buy milk replacement.

baby goats

When we got home with the babies, John fell in love with them too. In fact, he was the one who chose what to name them! Just having them for the weekend turned into having them for a little over a week. Although there were some complications — mostly with Ed — they both are doing well. They took to the bottle quickly, ran around the house and yard like they owned the place, and made a permanent place in our hearts.

baby goats

Ed and George are back at the barn and have been for a couple of weeks now. Even though we knew we had to give them back we still miss them and visit them pretty often! Not to mention, we have babysat them twice since then which we are always happy to do!

home renovation: flooring

When John and I first bought our home we knew that we had some work ahead of us. Before moving in we had a list of changes we wanted to make. For example, neither of us wanted carpet due to having three boys and two dogs, so we were planning on replacing it with laminate. After two years, we finally managed to pull the carpeting and put in new flooring!

Not to mention with the housing market, we thought now would be a great time to finally start renovating. You know, just in case we finally decide to sell our home.


home renovation

Admittedly, I had no idea how much of a hassle doing flooring would be. Pulling up the carpet, ripping out carpet padding, and pulling out carpet staples. Not to mention cutting the laminate to fit and putting in trim pieces. Oh and lets not forget having to take everything out of the living room. That was exhausting! With help from one of John’s friends, we were able to get it done in two weekends. Before pulling the carpet out, we removed the trim so that we could paint it as well.


home renovation

Needless to say, John and I are absolutely in love with the new flooring! We painted the trim white and did a fresh coat of paint, called greyish, in the living room and hallway. We also decided to replace the carpeting in our bedroom since the dogs sleep in there.

home renovation

Honestly, part of me doesn’t want to move now that the flooring is done. Even with the blood, sweat, and tears we put into this project, it was so worth it. However, if you would have asked me during the project I would have been cussing up a storm and saying to never, ever do such a tedious project.