putting yourself first

be selfish

Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Completely exhausted? Perhaps a little stretched thin?

Those feelings are all too common. Trust me. Everyday feels like a race against time to get everything accomplished. Cook dinner, finish homework for both myself and the boys, work full time in customer service, clean the house, talk the dogs for a walk. The list is never ending. Plus, with social media, it is easy to feel as if you need to be living the perfect life.

Unfortunately, trying to accomplish that can leave you irritable and frustrated. Taking time for yourself is so incredibly important. I promise that it isn’t completely selfish.

ways you can put yourself first:

  1. Relax in a hot bath using essential oils and salts.
  2. Turn the music up and dance throughout the house.
  3. Treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure.
  4. Schedule a much needed full body massage.
  5. Purchase fresh flowers to decorate your home with.
  6. Light your favorite scented candles.
  7. Read that book you have been meaning to pick up.
  8. Hit snooze in the morning and catch a few extra z’s.
  9. Roll out the yoga mat and do a relaxing yoga flow.
  10. Take a walk outside and surround yourself by nature.
  11. Visit your favorite store and buy yourself something.
  12. Let yourself be in the moment; enjoy what is around you.
  13. Pour yourself a glass, or two or three, of wine.
  14. Try a something new — restaurant, hobby, etc.
  15. Doll yourself up for the day and compliment yourself in the mirror.

what are ways you would add to this list?

  • Get up to see the sunrise and enjoy the peace is always on my self care list, as is reading, painting my nails, and walking the dogs or riding my bike aimlessly!

    • I love waking up early to catch the sunrise. One of my favorite memories of doing so was when I went for a jog to the beach during the off season and the beach was almost empty. Being able to listen to the sound of the ocean and watch the sun lazily come up was pure perfection ♥

  • carving time out for yourself away from everyone and just *being* is an important way to put myself first. sometimes just being in a quiet environment for 1hr is enough to recharge me.

    • I couldn’t agree more! I love being able to sit in peace and quiet. I wish it happened more often though ha ha. Working with hundreds of people every day at work is so exhausting and recharging is so incredibly important.

  • So many of these are YES!!! Pouring a glass of wine is definitely one of the top on my list!