spring bucket list

spring bucket list

After sharing some of the many reasons I love spring, I wanted to share my spring bucket list. Truthfully, I am torn between doing monthly goals and seasonal bucket lists. Do you have a preference? Or is there a reason that you choose one over the other? I would love to know! Perhaps it will help me make a final decision.

Every time I wander outside I am reminded how much I love the blooming flowers. Also, how tulips are one of my favorite flowers. I only remember them in the spring for some reason. Sunflowers are usually my main focus in the summer, which could be why. Anyway, back to tulips! All I want to do is fill my home with them!

spring bucket list:

  • Plant dozens of wildflower seeds in the garden with the kids.
  • Make and can strawberry jam.
  • Go on a hike as a family.
  • Discover an amazing and motivating morning yoga sequence.
  • Begin paying off our credit card debt and improve our credit scores.
  • Prepare for the garage sale that is coming up.
  • Host a fun minecraft-themed birthday party for Carson.
  • Read a minimum of five books.
  • Schedule at least two weeks of blog posts and begin thinking about summer posts.

what is on your spring bucket list?

  • My main goals for all summer are all budget related. I want to pay off my credit card, save up at least $3500, get new tires on my car, and pay for Walter’s vet visit. Whew! Being an adult is hard sometimes. 😉

    • Those are all great goals! Being an adult is not fun but having things paid off and money saved up is such a great feeling! I know you are going to do great!

  • Those are some great goals! Your home goals sound like me last month. We recently moved and I’m still navigating through unpacking some boxes. Good luck with listing your house! I guess some of my goals would be to tackle those straggling boxes lol

    • Moving can be so tiring and such a hassle! We still have a few packed boxes from when we first moved in ha ha. I feel like I should just go through and sell whatever is in them since I haven’t needed any of those things for over two years. Thank you — we need all the luck we can get 🙂

  • Great goals! Good luck with wedding planning! Did you set the date?

    • Thank you! Wedding planning is so much more exhausting than I thought it would be ha ha! Our date is September 17th of this year 🙂

  • My June goals are quite similar to yours! Except I don’t have a dog sadly, so my 3rd goal is to cook more! We tend to go out to eat way too often, so I want to break that habit and find some yummy new recipes for the summer. 🙂 (Also – hi! I’m a Washingtonian, too!)

    • I always love finding fellow Washingtonian’s! I really would love to cook more — that is a great goal! I keep thinking that one of these days I will finally start cooking, but then life gets busy and fast food is just so easy. Ugh.

  • You have great goals for June!

    I know I’m so behind on reading, but I’m really excited you’re blogging again!

    • Thank you! You are too sweet Karen! I really appreciate your kind words 🙂 I am pretty behind on reading too but I am looking forward to slowly catching up ha ha.

  • I really want to find a good yoga routine that I like and can stick too. So far I haven’t found one. 🙂

    • There was a couple months where I found a studio that I really enjoyed going to, but then they closed and I haven’t found another place yet. It really bummed me out!

  • Emily Bendler

    This is an excellent bucket list! I am trying to schedule my posts ahead too!

    • Thank you so much Emily! Having my posts scheduled in advance has made blogging so much easier for me.

  • I really need to start reading more! I always say I will, then never do, but there’s nothing better than getting lost in a good book! 🙂

    • I know that feeling too well! Sometimes I have such a difficult time sitting down to read, but other times I get sucked in immediately and cannot put any books down ha ha.

  • SincerelyShannon

    Great bucket list! I am hoping we get more sunny days soon so we can really enjoy this springtime. One of my favorite things though is spring cleaning. We also have neighborhood yard sale coming up and I can’t wait to get rid of some junk! It’s like a fresh start every year.

    • Thank you so much, Shannon! Fingers crossed for some sunnier days. I am definitely missing the little bit of summer weather we had last year. That is exciting about the neighborhood yard sale! I love getting rid of things I no longer need.

  • Stephanie Salazar Donahue

    I love tulips too! My bucket list is to start Elite Blog Academy and help my kids to finish up their homeschool year. My daughter just got into Minecraft too and wants it for her birthday instead of watching other people play on You Tube like she has been.

    • What is the Elite Blog Academy? Sounds awesome! That is exciting about finishing up the homeschool year! My son is obsessed with watching Minecraft YouTube videos and I don’t get it. He has the game but loves to watch other people play ha ha.

  • Check out Bad Yogi! If you sign up for her email newsletter she sends out yoga videos each week that are short and easy to follow. My bucket list for this spring is to spend more time outdoors and exploring my new town.

    • Oh, I’ve heard of her quite a few times but haven’t watched any of her videos for a while! I will have to sign up for that email newsletter asap! Spending more time outdoors and exploring sounds perfect ♥

  • Alicia Houghtaling

    I’ve never even thought of doing a season bucket list! I love that idea! It may be the procrastinator in me, but it’s nice to have a longer deadline!
    My main two goals for spring is to replant in our flower beds and start a small garden.

    • I love seasonal bucket lists because I have a tendency to get really busy some months while others are really slow. Having a mixture allows me to actually accomplish what is on my bucket list ha ha.

      Good luck! You will do great!