101 in 1001

101 in 1001

Inspired by the absolutely stunning Jordyn of the Fairy Princess Diaries, I decided I would make a list of 101 things that I wish to accomplish in 1001 days. Due to loving lists and accomplishing goals, I felt this would be the perfect post to share on the blog. Setting intentions, and living intentionally, has begun to play a rather large role in my life.

start date

October 23, 2017.

end date

July 20, 2020.

101 in 1001

P E R S O N A L (0/16)

1. Volunteer for a cause that I am passionate about.
2. Donate blood.
3. Unplug completely for forty-eight hours (no internet, phone, television, etc.).
4. Create a sacred space in my home.
5. Leave a 100% tip for amazing or above-and-beyond service.
6. Incorporate more essential oils into my everyday life.
7. Burn sage to cleanse my home.
8. Attempt the Marie Kondo method of tidying up.
9. Finish getting my last name changed.
10. Have my boys participate in five random acts of kindness with me.
11. Sell or throw away at least one hundred items.
12. Learn about my biological roots.
13. Have my wisdom teeth removed.
14. Wake up at five a.m. every morning for a month.
15. Become more fluent in Spanish.
16. Attend five essential oil classes.

T R E A T  M Y S E L F (0/8)

1. Get two new tattoos and one new piercing.
2. Soak in a milk bath.
3. Try a yoni steam.
4. Have my cards or palm read.
5. Try a new cut or color with my hair.
6. Treat myself to three spa treatments of any kind.
7. Get acupuncture.
8. Run carefree through a field of flowers.

F I N A N C I A L (0/8)

1. Pay off all credit card debt.
2. Earn a promotion or a raise.
3. Save money to travel.
4. Save three months’ worth of emergency funds.
5. Invest in my 401k.
6. Completely organize our files and paperwork.
7. Triple the boys’ savings accounts.
8. Save $5.00 for every goal completed.

B L O G G I N G (0/1)

1. Collaborate with five different brands or shops.

A D V E N T U R E (0/11)

1. Stay in a yurt.
2. Climb two mountains.
3. Watch the sun rise.
4. Hike a minimum of ten different trails.
5. Kayak around the sound.
6. Camp at least twice.
7. Stargaze and learn new constellations.
8. Travel to three different states.
9. Attend a festival.
10. Go on a spontaneous weekend trip; just the husband and me.
11. Go zip-lining

F A M I L Y  &  F R I E N D S (0/6)

1. Host three dinner parties.
2. Go on a girls’ weekend trip.
3. Start a new tradition.
4. Have family photos taken.
5. Do ten different science experiments with the boys.
6. Host a cookie exchange and a wine exchange.

S C H O O L  &  W O R K (0/2)

1. Graduate with honors from college.
2. Attend a work event.

F I T N E S S  &  H E A L T H (0/13)

1. Run five different 5k races.
2. Finish the “Bikini Body Guide” by Kayla Itsines.
3. Be able to run over three miles without stopping.
4. Take vitamins every single day for an entire month.
5. Try stand-up paddle board yoga.
6. Successfully be able to do a handstand and/or the splits.
7. Go vegan for an entire week.
8. Attend a “goat yoga” class.
9. Participate in a yoga challenge.
10. Run in a Spartan race.
11. Cut out junk food for an entire month (chocolate, potato chips, soda, sweets, etc.).
12. Run one hundred and one miles.
13. Try two new fitness classes I have never done before.

S P L U R G E (0/3)

1. Purchase ten new crystals or stones.
2. Decorate my home with fresh flowers on six different occasions.
3. Purchase ten new single oil essential oils that I do not currently own.

C R A F T  &  C R E A T E (0/9)

1. Complete twelve different home improvement projects.
2. Cook five traditional dishes from other countries.
3. Craft my own soap.
4. Learn how to make my own loose tea.
5. Organize and use up my craft supplies; then purchase new ones.
6. Take a painting class.
7. Make twenty-five different things from my Pinterest boards.
8. Craft my own candles.
9. Learn calligraphy.

J U S T  F O R  F U N (0/19)

1. Watch a movie beginning with each letter of the alphabet.
2. Pose for a boudoir shoot.
3. Plan an elaborate picnic.
4. Read the Harry Potter series with my youngest son.
5. Visit the local farmers market.
6. Go wine tasting.
7. Give ten “just because” gifts.
8. Successfully grow an indoor herb garden.
9. Bet on a horse at the race track.
10. See a musical or play.
11. See four movies at the drive in theater.
12. Order five “surprise me” drinks at my favorite coffee stand.
13. Do a home photo shoot in my own home.
14. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon.
15. Go both apple picking and berry picking.
16. Watch five classic films.
17. See a live comedy show.
18. Visit an aquarium, museum, and a zoo.
19. Build an impressive sand castle.

C E L E B R A T E (0/4)

1. Pick pumpkins from at least three different pumpkin patches.
2. Cut down and decorate our own Christmas tree.
3. Make a “thankful” tree for Thanksgiving.
4. Put together an upside down snowman.