spring bucket list

spring bucket list

After sharing some of the many reasons I love spring, I wanted to share my spring bucket list. Truthfully, I am torn between doing monthly goals and seasonal bucket lists. Do you have a preference? Or is there a reason that you choose one over the other? I would love to know! Perhaps it will help me make a final decision.

Every time I wander outside I am reminded how much I love the blooming flowers. Also, how tulips are one of my favorite flowers. I only remember them in the spring for some reason. Sunflowers are usually my main focus in the summer, which could be why. Anyway, back to tulips! All I want to do is fill my home with them!

spring bucket list:

  • Plant dozens of wildflower seeds in the garden with the kids.
  • Make and can strawberry jam.
  • Go on a hike as a family.
  • Discover an amazing and motivating morning yoga sequence.
  • Begin paying off our credit card debt and improve our credit scores.
  • Prepare for the garage sale that is coming up.
  • Host a fun minecraft-themed birthday party for Carson.
  • Read a minimum of five books.
  • Schedule at least two weeks of blog posts and begin thinking about summer posts.

what is on your spring bucket list?