new moon intentions

new moon

In my reintroduction post, I wrote about rediscovering myself and following a new path. Due to the need to keep myself accountable, I thought I would share a post on setting new moon intentions. This means celebrating tonight’s new moon by setting positive intentions for the moon cycle ahead. Creating a new moon intentions ritual is a powerful way to connect with yourself.

The new moon marks the beginning stage of the moon cycle. A day which farmers would plant their crops due to the soil being the most fertile and moist. Not to mention, the new moon is considered a growth phase and an invitation to start anew. This ritual holds fast to the idea that as the moon grows, so will your intentions.

setting your intentions

+ First create a sacred space. Whether it is a in a corner of your home or a space on your dresser or nightstand, create a space of beauty. Keep symbolic items there that help conjure up inspiration — candles, crystals, herbs, flowers, journals, plants, statues, etc.

+ Then you need to cleanse your body, mind, and surroundings. Meditating for at least five minutes and soaking in a bath are two amazing ways to cleanse. Also, if you prefer, you can drink an herbal detox tea. As for your home and surroundings, burn sage to clear out negativity.

+ Next, begin thinking about the intentions that you would like to set. Really ruminate on these intentions and then write them down on a piece of paper. Recite these intentions throughout the moon cycle. Think of it as continuing to water a seed to grow and thrive.

+ Lastly, send out a simple thank you. While it may sound silly to thank the universe, I firmly believe it is an important step. After all, what you put out is what you will get back.

Have you ever done a new moon intentions ritual? What are your thoughts? 


how to purify your air naturally

purify the air

purify your air naturally:

Would it surprise you knowing the air you are breathing in your home is worse than the air outside? Poor air quality is not a surprise when it comes to being indoors. Although it was to me when I first found out. After all, many home heating systems recycle the air that is already inside the home. The air in our homes can result in allergies, asthma, and constant headaches. However, that is not all! Poor air quality can even affect your digestive system.

When I first found this out, I was pretty taken aback. All I could think was that I needed to find ways on how to purify the air in my home.

what should you leave behind?

  1. Harsh, and common, chemical-laden household cleaners. Many cleaners most commonly used in households contain VOC (volatile organic compound) ingredients. This includes ammonia, benzene, and formaldehyde. Chemicals such as those may cause dizziness, drowsiness, headaches, nausea, and more.
  2. Scented candles and incense. The scent of many candles are neuro-toxic. This means that the chemicals used are harmful to our brains, lungs, and nervous systems. Plus, they can cause developmental difficulties in children.
  3. Dusty curtains, fans, filters, and surfaces. Keeping your home free of dust can really reduce potential allergens! Routinely clean your filters and wipe down surfaces.

what to use instead:

  1. Organic or homemade household cleaners. One of my favorite, and most simple, cleaning recipes uses lemon essential oil, warm water, and vinegar.
  2. Candles made from beeswax, coconut wax, hemp, or soy. Not only are these candles made from natural ingredients, they often are scented with essential oils. Essential oils contain many beneficial and healing properties!
  3. Air-purifying plants. At the top of the list: English Ivy, Golden Pothos, Boston Fern, Dracaena, Bamboo Palm, Dragon Tree, and Peace Lily.
  4. Himalayan salt rock lamps. The crystallized salt, when heated by the bulb inside, releases negative ions which are known to neutralize pollutants.

what would you add to this list?