january currently


This year, so far, has been interesting. However, I believe that it has been alright. There have been many changes so far, mostly for the better. Not to mention, the usual ups and downs. Whenever life gets busy, blogging goes out the window. I am going to try to write more posts this year though!

january currently

drinking // Warm lemon water in the mornings. A decaf Americano in the afternoons. Tropical Strawberry Shakeology with carrots, mangoes, nectarines, and sweet potatoes whenever possible.

watching // I am obsessing over and absolutely loving Riverdale. Growing up, I would always read the Archie comics and as soon as I found out about this show I began jumping for joy! John and I have been binge watching The Punisher and Travelers on Netflix too.

reading // Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Normally I am able to move through books quickly, however not this one. Which isn’t to say that I do not like the book! I just have not had as much time lately.

working out // Since the first of the month I have been working out. However, I did not make a resolution to do so. I simply feel like crap and need to make a change. First, I did a 21 day boot camp with the 21 Day Fix. Now I am doing a new program called 80 Day Obsession!

thankful for // My husband finally agreeing to let me get a puppy. I seriously adore our newest family member so darn much.

loving // Puppy cuddles, three day weekends, sleeping in, and sweating my rear off.

anticipating // Finally being done with school! Yesterday was my first day of my very last class. February 12th is my last day of school!

What are you currently up to?

november currently

april currently

In April I wrote that I would write a ‘Currently’ post once a month. However, as you can see, that did not happen. Fortunately, or unfortunately, November has been filled with an insane number of things needing done. This means blogging, once again, took the back burner. Without further ado, here is what we have been up to!

november currently

thankful for // Our new roof! Towards the beginning of the month our roof began to leak in the bathroom. Sadly, we were not at all surprised. Our roof is the original from when the house was built twenty-three years ago.

welcoming // A new baby to the family! My cousin and his sweet girlfriend had their son on the tenth of this month. Just last weekend I was finally able to cuddle and love on their perfect little boy.

loving // The upcoming holidays. This time of year is so cozy and inviting and being around family and friends makes it so much more wonderful! Also, I love decorating our home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

anticipating // An upcoming work fundraising event for a local charity. This month has been full of finalizing plans and getting together silent auction items.

drinking // Too much soda and not enough tea or water. Unfortunately, I stress eat and drink and crave crap foods.

reading // I See You by Clare Mackintosh. There is something so cozy about reading mysteries and thrillers this time of the year.

thinking about // What I am going to do when I graduate from college in February. November has brought many big “life” questions that I have been unable to answer so far.

enjoying // Getting together with family and friends. This month includes birthdays, Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, family events, and more!

working on // Scheduling posts and cleaning the house.

What are you currently up to?

august lately


Well, hello September.

So far this has been the year of the never ending summer. Which, admittedly, I should not be upset about. Washington is so full of dreary and rainy days that we complain pretty consistently about no sun. With the constant, and almost unbearable, hot weather we have kept pretty busy! Hence why this blog has been so neglected.

While August was full of fun, it also had it’s downs.

august happenings

We had family photos taken of our entire “little” blended family.

We went on a road trip with friends to Cape Disappointment and Pirate’s Cove and were not disappointed.

At the same time, all of us were able to check out an old abandoned military bunker which was a little spooky.

Ironically, John and I both had horribly disgusting coffees from the most adorable coffee shop.

I purchased my first ever Sand Cloud towel and fell in love. #SaveTheFishies

Together with the same friends we visited at least five different playgrounds for the kids to play at.

John’s mom asked me to be her maid of honor in her wedding.

Correspondingly, we celebrated John’s mom’s wedding and took more family photos.

Surprisingly, we finally managed to explore both the upper and lower ape caves with all three kids.

I went to my first big crystal and rock sale and fell in love with tons of stones.

Sadly, after a horrific accident, we had to rush out to the barn to put my mother’s baby horse down.

Then somehow we wound up fostering two one day old baby goats for over a week.

John and I removed our carpet and put down laminate flooring in our living room, hallway, and master bedroom.

Not to mention, painted our walls and trim.

how was your august?

life lately

life lately

Mad Hatter:
Have I gone mad?

I’m afraid so.
You’re entirely bonkers.
But I’ll tell you a secret.
All the best people are.

I almost feel like I should be brushing away cobwebs from non-use. Things have been absolutely mad lately. Thankfully in a wonderful way, but still rather exhausting. From constant adventuring, planning, to do listing, schooling, and working I am exhausted. Since I can never stay away for too long, I thought I would share:

Ten things that have made me happy lately.

o n e

Spending my lunch times at home. In doing so I am able to let the pups run around to play and get a few house chores finished up. Also, I am able to catch up on homework or reading.

t w o

Piercing my nose with my coworker. Ironically, this is a piercing I have thought about having done for many years. However, I never did work up the gumption to go through with it. When my coworker mentioned that she had hers done previously, I told her I wanted mine done. We made a date and went and got our piercings done together!

t h r e e

Working towards becoming a certified financial counselor. My work requires us to become certified financial counselors which works in my favor! This is something I have thought about looking into but never quite had the funds to do so. Getting certified through my work is completely free!

f o u r

Having a market analysis done on our home. John and I met with our real estate agent to run numbers on selling our home. Now to paint both the exterior and interior, lay down new flooring, and get a new roof.

f i v e

– Adventuring with friends. The past few weekends have been spent getting together with a group of friends. Each weekend is filled with adventuring, exploring, and learning! The kids have such a wonderful time, as do the adults.

s i x

Crushing my reading goal for this year. Last year was a bit of a let down. I was unable to read as much as usual and did not fully complete my reading goal. This year I set the bar lower to something achievable!

s e v e n

Participating in the “Secret Pal” swap at work. I have always loved participating in blogger swaps, so I knew joining in on this would be perfect for me. Already I have been treated by my secret pal and have sent a sweet surprise to mine!

Speaking of, are blog swaps still a thing? 

e i g h t

– Being so close to obtaining my Bachelor’s degree. Every single day is another day closer! Only about seven or eight months to go and I am completely done. Each time I think about this I get excited all over again! Part of me would love to get my Master’s degree, but the other part of me so badly needs a break.

n i n e

– Watching Despicable Me 3 with the boys. These movies are so funny! I love the humor thrown in and of course I adore the minions.

t e n

– Having my plants absolutely flourish and grow like crazy. Call me weird, but I swear that positive vibes encourage plants to grow healthier and quicker. I have proven this by taking over plants from my family and friends. The plants that did not do well for them, go wild for me! Right now I have two orchids that have blossomed, went away, and then blossomed all over the place! Same with my rose bush!

What has made you happy lately? 

april currently

april currently

Life has been such a wonderful ride lately. The amount of good news that has come my way is very mood boosting to say the least! Fingers are crossing that my luck continues this way. I figure as long as I keep the positive vibes going I should be good. Yeah?

In regards to my currently posts, I think I will change things up a little. Each month I will do one currently post to help urge me to continue coming up with new and interesting content for the blog.

Now, without further ado!

april currently:

loving | Our glimpses of sunny weather and the blossoming cherry trees. Every where we drive we wind up seeing the cherry blossoms in bloom. Although, due to the wind there are petals flying everywhere and covering almost everything. I’m not sad about it though.


anticipating | Hosting Carson’s birthday party! His party will be minecraft-themed per his request. Right now he is obsessed with that game and the decor ideas that I have found seem simple enough. Thankfully. The only part that I am nervous about is trying to fit everyone in our home. Praying for sunny weather so we can use the back yard.

drinking | As much Airborne and Emergen-C as is recommended. The sickness hit my office and I am hoping to come away in good health before I begin my new job.

reading | Room by Emma Donoghue. The writing is in the perspective of the five-year-old main character which makes it a little interesting to read. However, so far I have enjoyed the book. I will admit that it, so far, seems pretty heart-wrenching. Hopefully there is a happy ending!

thinking about | Friendships that take a lot to maintain. Do any of you have friendships like that? Some times I feel that it would be better to let those friendships dwindle out. Does that make me a bad person?

essential oil

loving | All of my essential oils! They have been the biggest staple in our household lately. With all of the flowers, trees, and such blooming and blossoming our allergies are going wild. Diffusing breathe has been such a life saver. My airways are immediately cleared up and my headache disappears.

enjoying | My last week at my current job. I will miss some of my coworkers and customers so much, but I know I will see them around. Plus, I already have a few get togethers planned with my soon-to-be old coworkers.

working on | Planning plenty of posts to schedule for the blog. I am looking forward to the direction I am hoping to take it in.

what are you currently up to?