why new years resolutions fail

new years resolutions

Every single year I feel a bubble of excitement about New Years. I spend hours upon hours coming up with both challenging and exciting resolutions to complete throughout the year. In fact, and ironically, most of my resolutions are the exact same as the year before. This is because each year I completely fail at accomplishing my resolutions. Admittedly, this gets frustrating. I find myself thinking what am I doing wrong? Or is it me or is it my resolutions? 

why new years resolutions fail:

Too many resolutions. 

When coming up with resolutions, it is easy to go a little overboard. At least I do. Often times, we set too many resolutions for ourselves and become overwhelmed. Giving yourself dozens of goals to focus on makes it to where you cannot put as much effort into each goal as you should. Focus is impossible when you are juggling so many resolutions! The more simple and focused the resolution the easier to attain.

Unrealistic resolutions.

Many resolutions are to change habits that you have had your entire life. For example: eating healthier, spending less money, being more active, simplifying your life, etc. Negative habits are formed over years. Undoing them is going to take more time than just a few weeks. Be realistic about the small steps that you will need to take.

Not being willing to pay the price. 

Nothing in life is free. Although, we would love to think so. Resolutions can cost money, sacrifice, and time. Are you truly willing to put in the effort, money, and time that it may take? Recognize whether you are or are not and begin from there.

The resolutions are not flexible. 

Are your resolutions win or lose with no in between? Resolutions must be able to adapt because life happens. Unfortunately, we cannot control the future. Sometimes things must change a little bit.

There is no action now. 

If you aren’t acting today, right now, chances are you won’t tomorrow or the next day. When setting resolutions it is easy for us to say “I will start [insert date here]”. However, when that time comes it is easy to continue pushing the date back.

The necessary information is not there. 

It is easy to give up when someone doesn’t know what to expect. Researching what will need to be done to attain the resolutions ahead of time is key. Not to mention, it will give you a better perspective and timeline of what needs to be done. Without the right information you will eventually attain your goal. Unfortunately, it could possibly take longer than it should.

Unwillingness to fail. 

By not trying because you are afraid of failing, you fail before you even begin. There is that saying “it is better to try and fail than not try at all”. It is so true! Plus, with failure you at least learn from the situation and know what to change for your next attempt.

The resolutions are all talk. 

If your resolution isn’t something you truly want to do, then chances are you won’t be dedicated enough to accomplish it. The resolutions you set must be something that you truly want to do. If it just sounds good, most likely it should not be made into a resolution.

Quitting before the finish line.

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Did you know that a majority of people give up on their resolutions in the second month? This is easy to do when you aren’t truly invested in putting in the work to accomplish your resolution.