november currently

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In April I wrote that I would write a ‘Currently’ post once a month. However, as you can see, that did not happen. Fortunately, or unfortunately, November has been filled with an insane number of things needing done. This means blogging, once again, took the back burner. Without further ado, here is what we have been up to!

november currently

thankful for // Our new roof! Towards the beginning of the month our roof began to leak in the bathroom. Sadly, we were not at all surprised. Our roof is the original from when the house was built twenty-three years ago.

welcoming // A new baby to the family! My cousin and his sweet girlfriend had their son on the tenth of this month. Just last weekend I was finally able to cuddle and love on their perfect little boy.

loving // The upcoming holidays. This time of year is so cozy and inviting and being around family and friends makes it so much more wonderful! Also, I love decorating our home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

anticipating // An upcoming work fundraising event for a local charity. This month has been full of finalizing plans and getting together silent auction items.

drinking // Too much soda and not enough tea or water. Unfortunately, I stress eat and drink and crave crap foods.

reading // I See You by Clare Mackintosh. There is something so cozy about reading mysteries and thrillers this time of the year.

thinking about // What I am going to do when I graduate from college in February. November has brought many big “life” questions that I have been unable to answer so far.

enjoying // Getting together with family and friends. This month includes birthdays, Friendsgiving, Thanksgiving, family events, and more!

working on // Scheduling posts and cleaning the house.

What are you currently up to?