teaching kindness

teaching kindness

Recently, at work, my team and I were given an amazing opportunity. We were asked to come up with a project that would give back to our community. After many wonderful ideas were given, we began narrowing down our general goal. As the plan began to form, we chose to work with a local organization that provides both housing and supplies to families without a home. During the next couple of months we will be raising money for those families being helped by this organization.

the importance of teaching kindness

This opportunity led me to think about kindness and its importance as a whole. Without kindness, there would be no organizations providing for those in need. Nor would there be individuals willing to give and support those organizations. Not to mention, kindness allows us to pay it forward.

ways to teach kindness

  • Show empathy for others and set a good example.
  • Include your child when you give back; ask them how they want to.
  • Make caring about others a priority.
  • Have your child write thank you letters and notes.
  • Recognize when your child does something kind.
  • Volunteer together.
  • Teach respect for the earth and the importance of recycling.

What are other ways that you could teach your child kindness?