reading lately: november


It is almost the end of the year and I have completely surpassed my reading goal! Although, it was not much of a reading goal. Truthfully, I decided to attempt to read a measly two books a month. I was under the impression I would have a lot less time than I did.

lucky in love

by Kasie West

I found Lucky in Love to be a really fun and quick read. The main character was quirky, but fun! From the very first page I found myself captivated. The story line was easy to follow. Not to mention, it was very believable for the situations that arose. The way that Maddie, the main character, handled each situation felt right for the book and made sense. Of course, there were times that I wanted to share her for being naive and trusting. However, that is understandable for her age. Each supporting character played and important and key role which really added to the story. All in all, I enjoyed Lucky in Love and look forward to reading another book by Kasie West.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

the almost sisters

by Joshilyn Jackson

I feel the need to begin this review with this fact: I cannot wait to read another of Jackson’s books! Initially, I chose this book on whim. I loved the cover and the synopsis sounded intriguing. Having only been to the south once, I was mostly unaware of the issues still prevalent. However, I love how Jackson touched on those subjects and brought an important light to it. The entire story held my attention while the main and supporting character was unique with the right amount of backstory. The main character, Leia, was incredibly interesting! I loved reading about her work. Admittedly, I am not a graphic novel fan. Thankfully Jackson added the right amount of detail that I didn’t skim over any parts. Overall, I truly enjoyed this read and cannot wait to check out another book by this author!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

king’s cage

by Victoria Aveyard

First, Red Queen is still my favorite book in this series. Unfortunately, both the second book and this one did not measure up to it for me. There were many parts of King’s Cage that I loved! However, there were more parts that fell flat for me. My feelings were ping-ponging back and forth and up and down. Mare, as a main character, has a tendency to drive me batty. Between trying to be this strong female lead (which I love) to wallowing and acting like a child (which I do not love). Obviously she is in a pretty awful situation. I can understand her frustration and anger, but I was hoping for more spitfire. The majority of this book is centered around Mare being held in captivity by Maven. Which, understandably, is not what she would prefer. Although, this gave us so much more background and insight to Maven. I found myself rooting for him! Not to mention, I have a soft spot for Maven which only grew while reading. I keep finding myself harboring some hope for him and Mare’s ability to see past the monster his mother made him to be. Their twisted relationship really shines through in this book.

He is a monster still, a monster always. And yet I can’t stop myself from listening. Because I could be a monster too. If given the wrong chance. If someone broke me, like he is broken.

In the end, I know I will be reading the next book in the series. My fingers are crossed that it is better than the second and third book in this series.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

i see you

by Clare Mackintosh

Truthfully, I enjoyed reading I See You. More so, I really hope to read Clare Mackintosh’s first book I Let You Go. (After all, it has so many great reviews!) The main characters in I See You are interesting — each had a great back story and were very relatable. Each supporting character played a key role and greatly helped the plot move forward. The two different perspectives, Zoe’s and Kelly’s, helped me gain great insight. I was able to read about how the investigation was going as well as how the victim continued on with her life. Some parts could get a little slow, but the pace would quickly be picked back up. Admittedly, the twist at the end through me for a loop. I had an inkling about part of the “whodunnit” but definitely was unaware of the whole story!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

one of us is lying

by Karen McManus

One of Us Is Lying is brilliantly written! I found myself completely unable to put this book down. The author does a wonderful job keeping the reader captivated through the entire book. Each main character, while stereotypical, has so much more depth than I would have assumed. Plus, the supporting characters play key roles that easily add to the story. Karen McManus gives just enough background to give the reader a sense of who the characters are without overwhelming you. Admittedly, there were a few cliche parts. However, I found myself enjoying them rather than being annoyed. Which was a pleasant surprise! All in all, I cannot wait to read another book by this author.


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reading lately: october


This year I set a rather easy reading goal — to read at least two books each month. Knowing how busy life can be, I did not want to overwhelm and eventually disappoint myself. With the days growing shorter and the nights colder, it is so much easier to curl up with a good book. Fall always signifies a cozy time full of hygge and reading. Without further ado, here is what I have been reading lately:

a light between oceans

by M.L. Stedman

A Light Between Oceans left me with a very heavy heart and a wondering mind. Although I knew that the ending would not be happy for all, I was still rather caught off guard. After incredible and heart wrenching losses, to find what you have been dreaming for at last would make anyone second guess the right thing to do. Altogether I found this story to be beautiful, sad, and understanding. One where you find yourself wishing for the best and being content with the outcome. After all, not every situation will have a happy ending. Especially in the situation that is brought up in this book.

I found myself falling in love with each of the characters through their flaws and their strengths. Each personality was unique with their innermost thoughts laid bare to the reader. The actions of each character were incredibly believable. The setting was not overwhelming, but had quite enough detail. All in all, I truly enjoyed reading this book ending be damned.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

what alice forgot

by Liane Moriarty

From the very first page I found myself falling headfirst into What Alice Forgot. Constantly I found myself wondering what I would have done in that situation — losing my memory of the past ten years. Waking up to being divorced, having three children, and being a completely different person. The answers I found myself coming up with aligned quite a bit with Liane Moriarty’s plot. Torn between trying to figure out what is going on to appeasing those around me. The story was very believable and the situations realistic.

Each character has a bold personality and you find yourself caring for each one. Yes, even the ones that drive you a little (or a lot) batty. The pace moved forward at a good pace and held my interest during the entirety of the book. I found myself, on more than one occasion, not being able to put the book down. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and cannot wait to read another book by this author.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

we could be beautiful

by Swan Huntley

Honestly, I found myself having a difficult time fully engaging myself in We Could Be Beautiful. I wanted so badly to like and relate Catherine, but it was not always easy. After all, I have not spent my life with obnoxious amounts of money surrounded by designer things. However, I can understand that when one is so dependent on something and that something suddenly disappears it would be devastating. Unfortunately, in Catherine’s case, I still could not relate. At all.

All in all, I did find myself somewhat enjoying this book. The story was rather interesting, although shallow at times. Plus, there was an eventful twist towards the end of the book that was hinted at throughout. Also, I oddly found myself reminded of the show Gossip Girl while reading this!

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.


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recently read

recently read

While I may not have been blogging often, I was still reading my little heart out. This year I had a small goal of only twenty-four books to read. Previously, I had made outrageous reading goals that I was unable to meet. Since then I have toned it down considerably. Plus, with schooling and working I have not had as much time as before. So, what have I been reading?

truly madly guilty.

This book took me longer than usual to read. Moriarty’s writing was wonderful and her characters were unique with a lot of depth, however the story line moved at an achingly slow pace. All I could think about was what possibly could have happened at the barbecue. Truthfully, I was a little unimpressed.

three stars.

all the missing girls.

Being written in nonlinear/reverse chronology had me a bit unsure. Especially since I felt that I would have enjoyed reading the book more had it been in chronological order. The anticipation and “buildup” was definitely there! Overall, the characters were interesting with real qualities and the mystery was intriguing.

three stars.

mr. mercedes.

Being nervous about reading my first Stephen King book made it difficult to choose which book of his to read first. Thankfully I was not disappointed! King uses a “no holding back” writing style that I found myself enjoying. There were some horrid bits that added to the story, but were not overwhelming. Each main character added wonderfully to the story line and helped keep you captivated until the very end.

four stars.

the nest.

With raw and real characters, I found this book to be an easy and fun read. Each main character had flaws and real issues that are seen in every day life making it a book that you can relate to. Days after I finished reading The Nest I was still thinking about its story.

three stars. 


I will not lie, this book still haunts me. Room was absolutely captivating, courageous, and heart-wrenching. Being written through the perspective of a five-year-old, there is an added innocence to what was happening throughout the book. Even though there were some parts that were very slow, the book did pick up speed as you read along.

four stars.

What have you been reading lately?