august lately


Well, hello September.

So far this has been the year of the never ending summer. Which, admittedly, I should not be upset about. Washington is so full of dreary and rainy days that we complain pretty consistently about no sun. With the constant, and almost unbearable, hot weather we have kept pretty busy! Hence why this blog has been so neglected.

While August was full of fun, it also had it’s downs.

august happenings

We had family photos taken of our entire “little” blended family.

We went on a road trip with friends to Cape Disappointment and Pirate’s Cove and were not disappointed.

At the same time, all of us were able to check out an old abandoned military bunker which was a little spooky.

Ironically, John and I both had horribly disgusting coffees from the most adorable coffee shop.

I purchased my first ever Sand Cloud towel and fell in love. #SaveTheFishies

Together with the same friends we visited at least five different playgrounds for the kids to play at.

John’s mom asked me to be her maid of honor in her wedding.

Correspondingly, we celebrated John’s mom’s wedding and took more family photos.

Surprisingly, we finally managed to explore both the upper and lower ape caves with all three kids.

I went to my first big crystal and rock sale and fell in love with tons of stones.

Sadly, after a horrific accident, we had to rush out to the barn to put my mother’s baby horse down.

Then somehow we wound up fostering two one day old baby goats for over a week.

John and I removed our carpet and put down laminate flooring in our living room, hallway, and master bedroom.

Not to mention, painted our walls and trim.

how was your august?

billetproof car show

Guys, we have so much to catch up on. Not blogging for a few weeks definitely put me really far behind! Which, really, is okay because it means that I have a lot of material ready to go.

This past weekend John and I went to the Billetproof car show for the first time! We went with his car club, Numskulls C. C. Since Lucille, our ’36 Chevrolet four-door Master Deluxe isn’t running yet, we drove Phyllis. This beauty, pictured below, is a ’52 Chevrolet two-door owned by one of John’s best friends and is so much fun to ride in!

car show

billetproof 2017

Friday afternoon the guys drove the old cars down to our motel taking the back roads. A couple of the cars don’t do well going highway speeds. Since I did not get off of work until late, I met up with everyone for dinner at Pete’s Pizza! The pizza was delicious and thinking back, we should have bought another for the ride home. After dinner we cruised for a bit down the main strip.

Saturday was the main day for the car show. A lot of our time was spent ogling the gorgeous cars that had shown up. Seeing so many gorgeous cars made John and I both even more ready to get our car up and running! Every car show surprises me because I never see a car the same year and style as ours… On occasion I will see a two-door version, but never the four-door.

In fact, once finished our car may look sort of similar to my first favorite car pictured below!