habits for blog success

For 2018, I am hoping to become serious about blogging. While McKenzie Allyshia is relatively new, I have been blogging for around eight years. Through these years I have mostly learned what does and does not always work. However, I will also be the first to admit that I am not always right!

habits for blog success

habits for blog success:

Plan and schedule blog posts in advance. 

Having a written-in-advance blogging calendar makes it easier to come up with new content. Not to mention, I can spend quality time coming up with posts instead of hurrying to hit publish. I prefer to attempt to plan a week or two in advance as well. This way you don’t find yourself staring at a blank page trying to come up with something to write. Also, take a few hours to brainstorm future post ideas.

Network, network, network.

I have always been really shy, at least in person, in regards to talking about my blog. How is it that I am so comfortable sharing my life with strangers? Yet, in person I shut down? Being proud of your blog is important — share your blog and the work you have put into it!

Post on social media. 

Try to post on social media on a regular basis. Not only does it help promote your blog, but you may connect with new readers. Posting on social media can give you new outlets of communication as well as help you establish a relationship with a wider audience.

Conduct and track research on your blog. 

What posts have the most comments? What topics do you gain the most views on? It is important, and key, to create content that will interest your audience. If you are interested in making an income from your blog, you will have to keep up with trends and study your analytics.

Maintain your blog. 

Ensuring that all facets of your blog are up to date and working is very important. If you consistently have broken links, readers may turn away from your blog. Also, update your pages! Make your blog as inviting, and easy to navigate, as possible.

Create or join a blogging community.

Being active in a blogging community can really encourage growth as a blogger. Make sure that you respond to comments in kind, comment on other posts, and reach out to others.

What are some tips that you would like to share?