washington lifestyle blogger

well, hello.

I’m McKenzie Allyshia, the writer behind the blog. The pacific northwest has been my home since birth and I cannot fathom living elsewhere. Truthfully, I am your average coffee drinking, Harry Potter reading, nature loving, refuse to own an umbrella Washingtonian.

My husband and I first met in March of 2009. Later we welcomed our son into the world in April of 2010. Per the dates, you can imagine our relationship moved and evolved rather quickly. Along with our son, we have two amazing older boys and two sweet pups.

Some subjects you will find me blogging about include hiking, holidays, lifestyle, parenting, organization, reviews, and tips.

Recently I made a rather large career change. This past year I was given a career opportunity that I could not turn down at a local credit union. Since high school I have dreamed of working in banking. To say that I am thrilled is an understatement.

Along with working full time, I attend college full time to earn my Bachelor’s degree in business and finance. Tentatively I will be graduating in February of 2018 and I am counting down the days.

My life is wonderfully hectic with no chance of slowing down in sight. However, I wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Welcome, I hope you decide to stay a while.