where’d you go?

volkswagen bus

where’d you go?

Sometimes life tosses you in the fast lane and you get so incredibly caught up in that crazy whirlwind that all else is forgotten. This past couple of months positively flew by! So much has been happening that I am unsure where to begin. Life is wonderfully chaotic at this moment and I truly wouldn’t have it any other way.

what’s happening?

  • Carson finally is riding his bicycle without training wheels.
  • John and I are preparing to put our home on the market.
  • Preparing for a much needed vacation to see family.
  • Learning important lessons about true friendship.
  • Remembering my passion for blogging after taking a break.
  • Watching Rosewood and The 100 and loving both shows.
  • Purchasing John’s dream car and being able to drive it.
  • Wearing and using essential oils while learning more about their properties.
  • Loving on our two sweet pups and wanting to add to our pup family.
  • Thinking about our best options for building a home.

what have you been up to?

  • Seems like this time of year a lot of people have to take a break. I feel like I lost my mojo but at the same time love it so much I’ve been back dating posts to remember 🙂 ha!

    • I know what you mean! There have been a few times that I thought about quitting blogging, but I love it so much. Just need to get that mojo back 🙂

  • Julie Loveless

    It stinks big time being friends as adults. You truly do see people’s true colors shine!

    • Being friends as adults is so much more difficult. Especially when some people are just cruddy inside and out.

  • We are wanting to add another dog to our family as well. I think we are a tad bit crazy. 😉 We are going to look at a Redbone Coonhound this weekend at the shelter. Happy to see your update. Best of luck with selling your home.

    • Oh that is such a pretty pup! I know that adding a third to our family is a little wild, but crazy can be so much fun! You will have to keep me updated on whether you were able to bring the pup home ♥

  • Glad that life is treating you well, even if it is chaotic. I hear you about wanting add to the puppy family; I’ve been trying to convince my husband for months.

    • Thank you so much Aubrey ♥ It is so hard to not want to have more dogs. They are such amazing creatures!

  • An unexpected, but somehow greatly needed, break. I am definitely hoping to get back into the swing of things though ♥