wishes for the week

if wishes were horses

Weekends seem to fly by way too quickly! Between adventuring and getting together with friends we are exhausted. This weekend we went to the farmer’s market, an old timer’s fair, the park, and to a friend’s house to make moon sand. I was shocked at how easy it is to make! We will be making that craft again soon.

Come Monday morning, I joke that I need a weekend from my weekend. With my schedule changing so drastically, I am still trying to figure out how to get everything done. At this time my to do list gets taken care of on the weekend.

Since I love a good end to the weekend, it seems that Monday comes around right on time. Here are my wishes for the week.


Discover someplace new to go with the family!


Do something spur of the moment that everyone will enjoy.


Take time to read my book or drink a warm mug of tea.


Continue de-cluttering and preparing for the garage sale.


What are your wishes for the week?